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Almora’s Message

I am the sun, I am the moon, and I am the moving desert sand. I am the wind in your air. I have no face and I have many faces, whichever one you are willing to look at and accept is how I come to you.
I communicate to you through many sources: The encouragement and wisdom that may appear in a book, a song, a poem; the seeds of hope and support planted through the voice of a stranger or loved one; the sound of the birds – the music that inspires the dance that calls you forward.

Be still, and hear life calling to you.
You ask what is God/ess? What is source? What is universal life force? God is love and love is you there is no separation.

I am here with many others to empower, support and guide you to listen to the voice of your own soul the master within you – the magnificent truth of your unique creation, and to share it with the world …

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Your Power to Create

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We facilitate events around New Zealand, as well as other countries, presently in the UK and Europe. Please contact us if you would like us to present an event near you. Check out events currently scheduled here.
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Conscious Living

Almora’s guide to living in alignment with the universal laws of life to support your wellbeing and bring peace, adventure and …
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Happy new year dear friends and welcome to 2017

Almora’s laws for conscious living have never been so prevalent, than now, in the year of new beginnings 2017.
A reminder of some of them will follow below.
2+1+7 = 10 breaks down to the power number 1 = Initiation, new journeys, new cycles.
Old cycles can only be re-created or sustained if we keep doing the same things and thinking the same thoughts.

2017 brings the power of every sovereign beings focus into being manifested greatly. When we were introduced to Almora’s course Your Power to Create in 2009 he was aware of the energy of NOW and preparing us to notice our thoughts, words and actions.
Infuse everything with love, TRANSFORMATION WILL OCCUR, use the tools we have been gifted by the masters.
Breathe, intend, visualize/focus direct Love.

A reminder of Almora’s Conscious creating/living high vibrationally infused words of love and wisdom from Almora and the masters:

  1. What you focus on expands. Focus on gratitude and appreciation, not what is missing. Or what’s missing will expand and become your experience.
  2. You are authorizing your life’s experience by your thoughts, words and actions. So what are you thinking? Saying? Doing?
  3. Energy follows intention. What are you intending this day?
  4. You are powerful beautiful and unique. This is your gift. Have the courage to be yourself always.
  5. Love is what created you and love is what you are. Release any limitations that hold you from this truth.
  6. Energy always returns to its source, becoming more and expanding as it moves. So let your energy, thoughts, words and actions be a reflection of what brings happiness and inspiration to you. This will then be your experience.
  7. When you say with conviction and authority, “I will or I am,” then the universe instantly aligns to create that out come. You don’t need to know how, the universe will show you.
  8. If you plant an apple seed you get an apple tree not an oak tree. So if you want to experience love, happiness, and abundance, your thoughts, words and actions need to be the seeds of love, happiness and abundance.
  9. Your success and happiness is a result of finding your own loving, creative inspiration. For that is the energy that will manifest for you. Follow your own dreams.
  10. Your feet point forwards not back you can never go back.
    When you feel stuck you are where you are meant to be. You cannot go back and going forward is in the process of being created. This is a time for pause and reflection.
  11. When you let go of old ways of living and being that no longer empower your life’s journey, you are given the space to create something even more magnificent!

We look forward to sharing the powerful energy of Almora and 2017 with you at either Play shop. Or come and see us to start the year with conscious intention and love.
Much love The Almora team

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About Almora Unlimited

Almora is an expanded group consciousness who identifies with the powerful life force of our sun, and is now working from spirit to assist humanity in the great changes occurring on our planet here, now.
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About Dellaina and Ihaia

Together, they bring a wealth of experience. Through healing, guidance and mentoring they are here to empower you to live life to your fullest potential.
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Almora is available for one-on-one consultations. Appointment duration is about 70 minutes.
Almora empowers people to harness their potential, greatness and wholeness through the classroom of life by coaching their spiritual growth.

You will receive a recorded copy of your session.


Dellaina one on one 60 minutes.
My training includes astrology, past-life therapy, divination, Seichem healing and shamanism. My focus now is being the co-facilitator for Almora and our sacred work into which I integrate all of my acquired skills


Ihaia one on one 60 minutes.
I am trained in Tikanga (cultural/spiritual) counseling. I also like to integrate sacred sound with both my voice and indigenous instruments in my healing work. I believe sound and its vibrations transcends time and space, penetrating deep into our cellular memories bringing balance and well-being in one’s life.


Dellaina & Ihaia 60 minutes.
Couples – 70 minutes.

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