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As I expand and become more open, so too does life present me with an expanded choice of wonderful possibilities.
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Sunday, 2 December

9.30am  –  5.30pm


Becoming the New Human
– Warriors of Light –


The Sanctuary,


North Canterbury, NZ

Becoming the New Human – Warriors of Light

North Canterbury 02 December 2018

As we move into this accelerated and extraordinary phase in human history so does the emergence of “THE NEW HUMAN BEING“. Which describes humanity, as it increases and acts on its awareness of living from the heart and with truth and authenticity, for the betterment of all life on earth and beyond. The Ancients, indicated we would experience “The highest consciousness humans have ever seen“, if we passed 2012. Almora will bring a vortex of energy for you to draw from.
Starting with part one, this course has been created to significantly enlarge the possibilities of what you can be, and are here to do. In clear, step-by-step guidance Almora brings transmissions of energy and wisdom. Enhancing and expanding the creative intuitive God mind and the practical logical mind, to work together in harmony. With clear and tangible steps to take out into the world and your life.

Date: Sunday 2 December, 9.30am – 5.30pm
Venue: The Sanctuary, Fernside, North Canterbury, NZ
Investment: $195.00. Early bird $175.00 paid in full by 2 November.
Includes Almora, Dellaina teaching. Manual and exercise book, all materials. Morning and afternoon tea. Delicious vegetarian lunch.
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The Hawaiian tour will include (see flyer):

  • Sacred journeys, channellings and pathworkings, with Almora. We visit waterfalls, sacred sites and perform ceremonies. A rare opportunity for you to be on private Sacred grounds with Kahuna Kalei’iliahi and share in the mana of the land, sitting under her ‘Miracle’ Tree.
  • Mauna Loa Ceremony. A powerful ceremony where you will feel the grandness of this Sacred mountain – the largest in the world by volume.
  • Volcano Ceremony. You will connect with Goddess Pele and all of Kahuna Kalei’iliahi ancestors who will be present to honor you for your journey. They will bring to you a remembrance of being here before, because many of you are returning after lifetimes away … some will call this land ‘home’ for indeed it will be. It is a journey of your Spirit that will be anointed and blessed.
    (Due to volcanic activity National Park is currently closed. Confirmation of this event will be advised later.)
  • Water Ceremony. The Ancient Hawaiians have a time honored tradition of purifying in the ocean in a ceremony called ‘Au Au Kai’. ‘Au Au’ is to purify and ‘Kai’ is the sea. The Spirit of the Sea is Kanaloa who then honors your intention to be pure, by removing all things that do not serve you.
  • Lomi Lomi. Introduction to the basic concepts of the traditional Hawaiian Healing Arts through protocols of Ho’oma’ema’e (cleansing), Pule (prayer), Ho’oponopono (conflict resolution), ‘Ai Pono, (food as medicine), Lā’au Lapa’au (plant medicine), and Lomilomi (hands-on techniques). 3. Hawaiian Cultural Practices/Concepts of Learning 4. Loving touch and Honu Lomilomi. 5. Hands on Practice Seated massage.
This Tour will sell out and its limited in numbers please register your interest Full dates, prices and itinerary, to be confirmed. 
 Auckland Playshop

Such an expansion of spiritual understanding and love, vision and grace.
The feeling of rightness and positive vision of service to the light in the oneness of love.
An amazing example of love in all its purity.
Valmae Sutton 

Lemurian Labyrinth of Light

Very powerful course, i have achieved so much. Structure and music was awesome a lot filled in a short amount of time. Thanks again for all your course and retreats over the years. They have good structure between self help and spiritual endeavour.
Jason Green, Christchurch

We were a family come together and harmonious as such.
There was gaining of so much clarity, purity , reconnection remembrance. The veils all fell and I can feel everything again. This was the best retreat ever! I am changed my deepest love and gratitude
Robyn Speed, Christchurch

Four Pillars of Light

I have clarity and a deep understanding of what i must do.
I continue my journey to trust deeply to know that the answers have always been within. Forgiveness has released me to live a life a knew. Thank you
Jason Friedlander, Auckland

I have gained deeper insight and undesnading of the qualities required to live, engage and enjoy, love, peace and truth. To see and feel and understand the vastness of who we are I would like to thank with deep gratitude Dellaina for her deep participation with this work with Almora. The food, hosts, location, the knowledge and everything was perfect thank you.
 Amanda Kraft, Auckland

Almora Channelling night March 2016

Last night was lovely. I really enjoyed the Meditation/visualisation/journey. I danced with creation in all its forms. I connected with friends of light and re-connected to my purpose to share the light. I felt refreshed and rejuvenated – which is just what I came for. As we release we become lighter. As we become lighter we go higher. The energy created and built over the course of the evening was palpable. Sacred space is a rare thing these days – but so needed. Nourishment for the soul. Thank you once again!
Simon, Health Professional Christchurch

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