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As I expand and become more open, so too does life present me with an expanded choice of wonderful possibilities.


March 5, 19 &
April 2, 16

The Apprentice
Becomes The Master


Time 7.30- 9 pm


The Apprentice Becomes The Master

We all have areas of strengths (Mastery) and areas of challenge (Apprenticeship)

As one area heals, transforms and blossoms. Then another aspect presents itself. For the law of attraction is only one area.

Translated, this is experienced uniquely to us, in various areas of our lives, such as;
Our health and body, finances, relationships, work, home.
Relationship with the earth environment, our guides teachers and the Divine. The way we think, speak and are in the world is forever changed.
So, as another part of our soul’s development is presented to us, for us to evolve and grown into.

This has been named the shadow, or squares and challenges in Astrology, and it may not always be apparent to us, what is being asked.
The more we grow and expand, the more responsibility and power we are given. To hold for others and as custodians to our beautiful earth, and all who dwell on her.

This course has been designed for those who are actively working in service, for the benefit of all and not only one’s own life.

Which of you Apprentices is ready to blossom now and what support do you need to allow this to unfold gracefully, clearly and lovingly? For your self and others?

A four session fortnightly course, which consists of:

  • Almora teaching on four levels of your current area of budding apprentice
  • Path working activations (these are not meditations but powerful energy transmissions)
  • Personal Q and A with Almora, time permitting
  • Homework for your integration
  • Additional 8 weeks support with Almora 24/7 (through his personal messages in life daily experiences)
  • Recordings of each session (usually $15.00 each)

Physical Body (work, home, earth) Emotions (sexuality creativity) Mind (Human/ God Mind), Spiritual (Soul seeding) Galactic (Worlds expanding and interactions).
Limited to twelve participants, to allow for a personal interactive experience with Almora.

Dates: Tuesdays – March 5, 19 April 2, 16
Time: 7.30 – 9 pm
Investment: $295.00, early bird $245.00 by Thursday 28 February.
Paypal and weekly payment options available please enquire.
Ph 03 329 3035 Email Info@almora.co.nz

Thursday, 17 January


Conscious Co-Creation 2019



Zoom Almora’s Sanctuary

Christchurch New Zealand time 7.30 – 9.30pm

Conscious Co-Creation 2019 – Year of Change and Opportunity

I trust that within the right moment, what I have been asking for will come to me. There is great power in the flow of this moment – Almora

Do you love your work? Relationships? Home? Life? Are you abundance and fulfilled? Is there something you would love to do?  What is calling you?  Do you need some more clarity, energy or plan?

What does the year 2019 have in store for us personally, globally and universally?What is our spirit and personality self  guiding us towards? How can we create our perfect vocation or build on the one we have?
This is the year of Amplification and rewards. For all the healing, transformations and self responsibility we have taken so far.

* Renewed freedom, opportunities and choices.
* Raising our energies to our Mastery.
* To live and be our magnificence.
* Fulfilment and purpose

To raise ones energy doesn’t mean we are free of challenges, rather teaches us to strengthen our resolve, for heartfelt responses and resolution.
It is also the year to see any areas in our lives that keep us separate. The opportunities for transformation of past wounds of our ancestral or family karma, that we may have inherited and are unconscious about. Or have been unable to release.
On this evening, Almora will bring a vortex of inspiration, support, and encouragement in preparation for your life’s journey for the year ahead.

Thursday 17 January
Zoom Almora’s Sanctuary
Christchurch New Zealand time 730 – 930 pm
Investment $35.00
Ph 03 329 3035 Email Info@almora.co.nz

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