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I have been silently waiting for the right moment and the time is now. I have now fully shed the constrictions of my past, and I say YES to this next exciting journey of my life! – Almora

Sacred sites

Since ancient times, sacred sites have had a mysterious calling to people all around the world. Legends and people tell of extraordinary experiences they have had while visiting these places I included. Different sacred sites have the power to heal the body, enlighten the mind and inspire the heart. What is the key to the mystery of the sacred sites and how are we to explain their power?

Growing up in an ancient place like Jersey gave me the inspiration and freedom to visit many ancient sites very close by even as a young girl. Some of the standing stones and dolmens are just as old some older than Stonehenge. Many are at the foot of a wind sweep cliff or in grassy woodland not easily accessible, and so often I had the luxury of them all to myself.
I often felt the songs and presence of the ancient ones who had once lived here.

Dellaina at La Couperon dolmen and sacred tree

Le Couperon is about an eight-metres long capstoned chamber that a long mound had originally covered. It was surrounded by a ring of eighteen outer stones, known as peristaliths. Le Couperon is c.5000-year-old Neolithic dolmen.

I did not know it at the time but I was being called to these high energy, healing, and Powerful sites. All I really knew whas it felt good and often I returned refreshed, peaceful and with insights about what was happening in my life and the ways forward.

Since the 1980’s now older and hopefully a little wiser I began exploring more sites with more of an intention of discovery or opening to their secrets.

This took me to Europe, Egypt and other parts of the world. While in a tomb I had a life changing experience which you can read more about here.

I had often seen myself dressed and look different, as if watching old movies playing except of myself from ages long past. I had began training into past-life therapy and was fascinated by some of the revelations I had about people and myself on my life.

Almora Mystical Tours Gallery

Egypt March 2018 – ‘Embodying The Sacred Path’

Egypt Tour 2018 Testimonials

I have an increased awareness of the deeply spiritual significance of life, ancient Egypt and those ceremonies and rituals which were practised openly. A great feeling of expansion and deep love for Egypt and the people.
Anna Leonie – Orb Photographer and communicator Glastonbury UK

I have a greater and deeper insight into who i am, i am not the person who left two weeks ago, I am more peaceful within, i can remain centered amid chaos, I am a greater love than i was. I live my life with gratitude with all that is. I would go to the moon with you all, i enjoyed everything Thank you.
Gail Taylor – Artist, teacher light worker Auckland New Zealand

I have thoroughly enjoyed myself with Almora Unlimited, and the group. I have a better understanding of myself, and being able to connect at a higher level. Opening up more to spirit and others in the group. Learning and appreciating Egypt on a personal level, and fulfilling a life long dream. Thank you we have packed a lot in.
Tracey Stevenson – Light Worker Darlfield New Zealand

Words cannot describe, by taking this spiritual pilgrimage I have come back to myself and been reminded to dedicate my life in love and service. Thank you so much from my heart to yours. A truly unforgettable life changing journey.
Nicola Tasker – Light worker Nelson New Zealand

A lot of this journey was actually pee tour as there was much fear to overcome. The tour itself was amazing. I came with an open heart and mind, everyday has unfolded like an Aladdin’s cave. So much to experience and Will continue as this has been life changing!
Virginia Mc Naughton – Flower essences , light worker Christchurch New Zealand

This has taken me to a new deeper, wiser, integration level of myself. Healing deep vulnerable parts of myself. I appreciate your work from my heart always.
Anne Caldwell –  Nurse Specialist, light worker – Christchurch New Zealand

2010 – Wise Woman Return To Avalon

Wise Women Tour 2010 Testimonials

I have a deeper feeling of respect, awe and gratitude to the presence of other energies and intelligence’s and more open to their connection to us.
Cathy Harrington – Christchurch New Zealand