I have been silently waiting for the right moment and the time is now. I have now fully shed the constrictions of my past, and I say YES to this next exciting journey of my life! – Almora

Sacred sites

Since ancient times, sacred sites have had a mysterious calling to people all around the world. Legends and people tell of extraordinary experiences they have had while visiting these places I included. Different sacred sites have the power to heal the body, enlighten the mind and inspire the heart. What is the key to the mystery of the sacred sites and how are we to explain their power?

Growing up in an ancient place like Jersey gave me the inspiration and freedom to visit many ancient sites very close by even as a young girl. Some of the standing stones and dolmens are just as old some older than Stonehenge. Many are at the foot of a wind sweep cliff or in grassy woodland not easily accessible, and so often I had the luxury of them all to myself.
I often felt the songs and presence of the ancient ones who had once lived here.

Dellaina at La Couperon dolmen and sacred tree

Le Couperon is about an eight-metres long capstoned chamber that a long mound had originally covered. It was surrounded by a ring of eighteen outer stones, known as peristaliths. Le Couperon is c.5000-year-old Neolithic dolmen.

I did not know it at the time but I was being called to these high energy, healing, and Powerful sites. All I really knew whas it felt good and often I returned refreshed, peaceful and with insights about what was happening in my life and the ways forward.

Since the 1980’s now older and hopefully a little wiser I began exploring more sites with more of an intention of discovery or opening to their secrets.

This took me to Europe, Egypt and other parts of the world. While in a tomb I had a life changing experience which you can read more about here.

I had often seen myself dressed and look different, as if watching old movies playing except of myself from ages long past. I had began training into past-life therapy and was fascinated by some of the revelations I had about people and myself on my life.

In 1998 I started planning “A journey to the heart’ sacred sites tours with a friend and colleague. However, for many unforseen circumstances at the time the tour did not go ahead.

In 2010 spirit now very strongly and clearly told me that this was the year and I would do a sacred sites journey back to Avalon and this was a woman tour. Not sure how this would all come together, I trusted in the process. In the eleventh hour, as often happens, it all came together and a group of ten women made their way across the world to join me on this magnificent journey.

Wise women return to Avalon

In August 2010 eleven women returned to Avalon on our first sacred sites tour of ancient places in England.

During the Sacred Sites Tour, my personal highlights were the awe-inspiring crop circles and having private access to Stonehenge. Almora talked on Friday 13th August about the large amount of feminine power it activated. That same day, a crop circle appeared in a field near by the sacred sites. We were blessed on two occasions to have the whole fields and surrounding area to ourselves, without intrusion and were able to access powerful energy activations and channelling in these places.

Wisdom is knowledge lived, with a deep acceptance of all of life and who I am.
I Live with wisdom every day, knowing that there is always much more to learn and experience – Almora.

The visit to Stonehenge was incredible – we were able to access the stones at night on the full moon and conduct some circle work. Although the British weather was not always kind to us, we all managed to embrace the moment without complaint. Merlin’s cave was another special moment for me beneath the castle of Tintagel. Thank you to such a warm and open and supportive group of women, who shared, laughed and cried together. Also John Flanagan, our driver and site-guide who brought his Irish charm and humour along for the journey.

So now we are off to Egypt on the 6th of March 2018  —  Egypt 2018 ‘Embodying The Sacred Path’
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Blessings Dellaina


The wind is forever changing its course and calling me forward.
I follow the voice of my heart and the direction that is taking me – Almora.