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Autumn Newsletter

Grief takes me deep into myself, as let's me reflect on my life. Those that have shared my journey and I theirs. I give blessings for all of them, for what they have shown and gifted me and I them. I am now ready to move forward to my next destination - Almora....

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Welcome to 2017

Happy new year dear friends What is that saying? 'You have to leave to truly, come home'. It is so wonderful to be back to the birdsong, and tranquility of beautiful Diamond Harbour. Having just returned from our epic month's journey, in the north Island. I was able...

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Bridges of Light

Welcome to our spring newsletter on the Star-gate of oneness on 11 11.
We have just returned from a wonderful trip to Auckland with our “Four Pillars of light’ (or the twin pillars of light as is also being refereed to) and Bridges of light workshops.

Very timely for this new energy that is emerging.

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Almora World Update Transmission – Four Pillars Of Light

It is a pleasure indeed, to connect with your hearts with messages of importance to your soul and your life at this time. Many of you came here at various times and waves of consciousness (Birth dates) to heal, to serve, to awaken, to activate, to lead and to guide,...

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Winter newsletter and updates

Welcome to the end of winter we have been in retreat since our return from Europe, so thought it was time to send an update as so much has changed!We were told to expect some huge changes and our trip to Europe was the most fulling yet. We had a wonderful Anchoring...

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Sad News Sphinx

Dear friends, It is with deep sadness that we announce the loss of our beloved friend, companion, master and ray of light Sphinx. Sphinx departed back to spirit peaceful on Friday night surrounded by friends and loved ones from many realms. Although he endured many...

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Archived Newsletters

Message from Almora March 2017

2017 = 10 – 1 the year of New beginnings!

Greeting beloved Ones,

If things have not worked for your previously now is the time, the cosmos is supporting you!  As much of the completion work was done in the last years for most of you. This does not mean magically that there is no past to resolve and heal, for the shadow self must be healed and balanced and continually checked. It merely means, that the majority has been faced and transformed or is in the process of. Well done, you have graduated through a difficult time in history!

It has been a journey for many of you to get here, starting from the Harmonic convergence in 1987. (Aligned with the sun,  Moon and six planets being the grand trine.  It was also one of the first globally synchronised meditations events August 1987.)

You move closer to the law of Oneness, not only with your human brothers and sisters but your cosmic ones. On many levels this does not seem so, when you look about you with the many earthy tragedies that are upon you.  Yet there are many extradoiniaary events occurring that you do not see or hear about.

Your cosmic Masters are coming closer in unison with the Ascended masters, to assist as are many being from other worlds and dimensions. It is a very important time to open to the love and support that is available to you. Yet, to hear it you must quieten your mind so there is a meeting of worlds and a meeting of minds.

Vibrational alignment is important. Remember to clear and cleanse your bodies you will find that you may develop sudden allergies to foods you previously loved. Much of this is to do with contamination of the foods, and the raising of your light bodies to accommodate new wisdom that is significant to your new world /life paradigm.

There will be an increasingly acceleration of new technologies some that will be very helpful some not so.
Discernment will be important.

Of course the vibration of love will always bring you back to the trust of your own inner guidance and knowing. Have the courage to not only listen but respond to this guidance.

There may be so sudden changes in your life. Dwellings, relationships, occupations as the soul becomes stronger and the ego stands back  As the flood of higher intelligence and love pours forth, and urges you to integrate and act from this knowing.

It is also a time to be more and more conscious of GAIA your earthly mother who hosts your human development.

There will be many more earth changes which will intensify as the years go by. This is necessary to clear and cleanse many of the toxic and negative actions of mankind. Not as a punishment, but because it’s necessary to restore balance. So too must you restore balance in your own mind body and spirit.

We suggest;

  • Healthy fresh seasonal food ethically and sustauibly produces
  • Recycle and reuse check where your products come from
  • Deep rest
  • Commune with nature
  • Use your voice and vote, Support the environment, plants and animals or help those that do with donations or signing petitions
  • Listen to your heart
  • Open to receive and also respond to give in love

Be gentle with yourselves in the process and to each other. It is not a time to blame but one of forgiveness and making peace.

As you do this new threads of DNA are awakened and activated.

You won’t only remember past, present and future lives, but experience your multidimensional threads, as cosmic beings from many worlds. This begins to filter into your consciousness and so many things not only become possible, but you create what has not been created!

Sacred sounds and symbols being to unlock their secrets and open codes within your cellular structure and your brain and mind begin to alter their reality, revealing incredible things… Miraculous experiences unfold… how beautiful to witness and behold!

You stand on the presepus of a new vibration a new earth a new Universe, we honour your courage in stepping forth, Volunteering your love and service and willingness to evolve and heal.

Our great love to you always, Almora

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