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Greetings to you dear visitor Haere Mai ehoa. We warmly welcome you to our website.

Almora Unlimited has gone through a major transformation and expansion. Dellaina and Ihaia have reunited their life journey, in life and spirit to work together and support the growth of Almora’s sacred work.

Their purpose together is, through healing, mentoring and guidance to bring growth, empowerment, and love to individual and groups of people that are awakening to the great journey of life here now. Together they bring a new and expanded balance of life experiences and past and present connections from earth and spirit.

Almora’s healing, guidance and mentoring is here to empower you to live life to the fullest, most creative, abundant and expanded potential.
Dellaina & Ihaia

Ihaia and Dellaina

About Almora Unlimited

Almora is an expanded group consciousness who identifies with the powerful life force of our sun, and is now working from spirit to assist humanity in the great changes occurring on our planet here, now.

The primary elements of life can be broken down into 3 aspects, namely the Body – Tinana (incorporating health, exercise and diet); the Mind – Hinengaro (including logic and emotions) and our infinite, expansive but often ignored Spirit – Wairua. Neglecting our spiritual aspect is indeed a missing link – because of this imbalance we cannot live our lives to our fullest potential.

When the channels between the unconscious and conscious minds are opened, the path between intuition and action become clear. How we think and feel immediately changes the way that we perform and therefore our reality and experience of life.

Appointments with Almora are currently limited.

“Almora empowers people to harness their potential, greatness and wholeness
through the classroom of life by coaching their spiritual growth”

Read about Almora’s last incarnation on the Earth Plane here.

Ihaia and Dellaina

About Dellaina and Ihaia

Together, we bring a wealth of experience. Through healing, guidance and mentoring we are here to empower you to live life to your fullest potential.

We were aware after meeting in Feb 2011 that we had to guide each other in our respective journeys. The depth and breadth of our connection is an ever expanding expression of spirit in our lives. Living, being, working in a soulful relationship is a rewarding and challenging experience.

DELLAINA: Teacher, Channel, Visionary therapist, and Contributing author in the best selling “Adventures In Manifesting series.”

I come from a small island off the coast of France (Jersey) and have been in New Zealand since 1994. There were a lot of visitations from spirit in the old Victorian house which I grew up in. This experience presented me with many questions at a young age. These questions motivated my search for the meaning of life, death and beyond.

I realised that the basic scientific or religious explanations of my experiences posed even more questions and so began my quest to find out more. Early in my travels in 1988, I had a life transforming experience in Egypt in a tomb where Almora appeared to me as Neb Het Aat (an Egyptian high priest from his previous incarnation) and showed me a powerful vision of a past incarnation in Egypt where I had made an agreement to be of service. This opened my eyes and my life path unfolded before me.

I have trained in many healing modalities over the last 25 years, including astrology, past-life therapy, divination, Seichem healing and shamanism. My focus now is being the co-facilitator for Almora and our sacred work into which I integrate of all my acquired skills.. It is a great privilege to do this work; I am humbled and appreciate these gifts every day. I look forward to welcoming you all to our sanctuary.

Blessings, Dellaina

IHAIA: Ko Ngai Tahu te iwi-No Horomaka/Otautahi ahau.

I come from the Banks Peninsula Christchurch and Ngai Tahu is my tribe. I am a warrior of the spirit of light. Aotearoa is my home land in this lifetime. My life has changed significantly since meeting Dellaina and Almora.

I have travelled extensively, experiencing many countries and cultures. I am trained in Tikanga (cultural/spiritual) counseling and am passionate about people’s well being, and spiritual growth. He Taha Wairua, Taha Hinengaro, Taha Tinana, Taha Whanau. (Spirit, mind, body and family)

I also like to implement sacred sound with both my voice and indigenous instruments in my healing work. I believe sound and its vibrations transcends time and space, penetrating deep into our cellular memories bringing balance and well-being in one’s life.

Working with Dellaina and Almora is a natural progression on my/our life’s journey. You will now notice that Te Reo Maori (of this land) is now being acknowledged on this website and our work together.

I look forward to sharing with you on this journey.
Aio (peace to you), Ihaia

Almora’s last incarnation was as Neb-Het-Aat (Lord of the Great House)

Around 500 BC Neb-het-Aat was a high priest, scribe, sage and vizier in the area of Thebes now known as Karnak in ancient Egypt.
During this times, as well as training young men into the mysteries of life, death and re-incarnation,he was also able to connect with the healing and unlimited memory of crystals. With this ability he performed what was then known as “physic surgery”. This was a none physical surgery but was performed with the laser powers of various crystals, which removed the dis-eased energy from the aura which creates physical, emotional and mental dis-easement.
This ability he has trained Dellaina to facilitate and so together this is one effect technique that is used. Today this process has evolved with the changing of human consciousness and environment.
Neb-het-Aat is an enlightened being who is now working in spirit to assist humanity into the planet’s changes and “spiritual revolution”. He is Dellaina’s and others teacher and guide.

Dellaina’s introduction to Neb Het Aat…
My story begins when the Gaza war broke out in 1987 while I was living in Israel. I had a very strong calling to go to Egypt where some unusual experiences occurred.
This was also the year of the harmonic convergence, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harmonic_Convergence
I hired a camel rider to guide me out to the tombs in the desert. It was amazing, blue sky, golden desert, camels on the horizon. I was taken to an opening in the ground and invited in, while my guide waited outside. What happened was incredible! A silence fell and I knew this place. There was a space for where the mummy had once lay and I found myself compelled to lie in this spot and close my eyes.
Immediately I saw horses and people running in all directions and an air of chaos was all around. Then I saw what I knew was myself as an Egyptian female in a tomb chanting and incense smoke was rising in front of me. Then I saw myself standing on a bridge as groups of people in a hysterical state reached out to me. I realised that we were no longer in human form and I was helping them to cross what I have come to know as the Rainbow Bridge. (The bridge between the physical and the spiritual world).

That night, while sleeping I was aware of a presence at the bottom of my bed. When I looked up I saw a tall Arabic man and at once thought my hotel room had been broken into. Very afraid and after what seemed hours I fell into a deep sleep. In the morning I checked all windows and doors, as I had left them locked and bolted…

The Early Days on the Job training with Neb het Aat…
In 1994 I arrived in New Zealand and at once I was put to work. I committed to be of service and helping those with cancer and serious illness. I was guided to work with crystals and meditate on their power and use them to facilitate healing. With amazing results and some people even going into what’s called in the medical profession – ‘spontaneous remission’.

Although initially I thought all could be physically cured (and this is possible) I have also realised (after losing my own beautiful mother to liver cancer) that it is not always about life and death as the body is the vehicle to experience this dimension and human development. On a soul level we choose when we need to depart and there are various ways that this can happen.

During the healing sessions individuals become more conscious of this and healing occurs on many levels. People are also able to see they have choices and are able to take their power back and take responsibility for these. Their life and health changes according to the realisations and transformations that they allow. They are able to look at many aspects of why this dis-ease has manifested into their lives, including power of the mind and thoughts, the emotions and the treatment of the physical body.

The medical profession is starting to realise that illness is not just created by the chemical responses of the physical condition and environment.
What the spiritual world has always known, we are all unique and our suffering unique no matter our colour, sex, culture or religion. This is why each healing session is unique for you.
Dellaina, January 2005

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