Conscious Living and Daily Affirmations

I am a radiant joyful being – my joy touches others. I am a light in this world, I find new ways to be joyful, my gift is laughter.


Life is calling me to join in its ever-moving dance.
I am no longer watching, I am creating a new dance.

I am a wonderful miracle maker.
My experiences bring me closer to
miracles and my life is an experience
of the endless possibilities.

I have been silently waiting for the right moment
and the time is now. 
I have now fully shed
the constrictions of my past and I say yes to
next exciting journey of my life!

Wisdom is knowledge lived, with a deep acceptance
of all of life and who I am. I live with wisdom every day,
knowing that there is always much 
to learn and experience.



Miracles begin within you



I have so much to give and so much to receive

I am a radiant joyful being – my joy touches others.
I am a light in this world, I find new ways to be joyful,
my gift is laughter.


In the darkest moments of my life,
I am closest to myself.
My beloved teachers and guides walk beside me
and flood me with their love. I am never alone.


I am focused on the goal ahead.
I am in alignment with my expanded vision,
I can see, feel and love this into being.


I am noticing synchronicity and messages all around me.
They show me what I am ready to step into.
I no longer question but act on what is being shown to me.


I know the answers to my questions and I gently allow them to manifest within me.
Sometimes I am afraid of what that may ask of me, yet in the allowing; the truth frees me to make the best choice.

Give To The Moment

This moment is mine to create, to appreciate, and to live in love and fullness. I full embrace this moment and all that I am right now.

Moving On

As I grow and change so does my life around me. At times I feel sadness for what I am leaving behind. Yet I fully trust that there is much more to be gained.


Grief takes me deep into myself and lets me reflect on my life, those that have shared my journey and I theirs. I give blessings for all of them and what they have shown me. I am now ready to move forward to my next destination.


By listening to my heart I hear the solutions to all of my questions.


I have been silently waiting for the right moment and the time is now. I have now fully shed the constrictions of my past and I say yes to this next exciting flight of my life!


Stress shows me why I need to change in my life before it changes me. I am willing to face what is creating disharmony within my life and respond to it, with an open heart.


I have stepped through a doorway, full of promise and excitement. I may not yet know where it leads to. Yet my heart guides me, and I am uplifted and expand with this guidance.

Reaching Out

I am ready to reach out and ask for guidance and assistance. By opening myself to this assistance I am affirmed in the choices that I make.


I am a crystal clear sphere of light, and I can see so clearly the way forward.


I can see the beauty in all things through the eyes of god, I am blessed each day with these gifts all around me. I am so excited to be here, on this wonderful journey if life. I welcome the experiences that are before me.


Doubt keeps me stuck and uncertain. When I doubt I cannot move forward. I am ready to let go of any doubt that limits my grand potential.

You ask what / who is God?
God is love and love is you.
There is NO separation

Almora’s Laws of Conscious living

A guide to living in alignment with the Universal Laws of Life to support your wellbeing and bring peace, adventure and fulfilment through your life’s journey.
  • You ask what is God? God is love and love is you there is no separation.
  • What you focus on expands. Focus on gratitude and appreciation, not what is missing. Or what’s missing will expand and become your experience.
  • You are authorising your life’s experience by your thoughts, words and actions. So what are you thinking? Saying? Doing?
  • Energy follows intention. What are you intending this day?
  • You are powerful beautiful and unique. This is your gift. Have the courage to be yourself always.
  • Never go against what doesn’t feel right to you – no matter what the carrot before you, for this is the greatest betrayal of the self and leads to pain and suffering.
  • Love is what created you and love is what you are. Release any limitations that hold you from this truth.
  • Energy always returns to its source, becoming more and expanding as it moves. So let your energy, thoughts, words and actions be a reflection of what brings happiness and inspiration to you. This will then be your experience.
  • When you say with conviction and authority, “I will or I am,” then the universe instantly aligns to create that out come. You don’t need to know how, the universe will show you.
  • If you plant an apple seed you get an apple tree not an oak tree. So if you want to experience love, happiness, and abundance, your thoughts, words and actions need to be the seeds of love, happiness and abundance.
  • Your thoughts and emotions create your experiences and then your reality.
  • Your success and happiness is a result of finding your own creative inspiration. For that is the energy that will manifest for you. Follow your own dreams.
  • Your soul is like a mighty river that keeps flowing, expanding and growing.
  • Change is a necessary part of your life, go with it and trust you will always be given more not less.
  • Your feet point forwards not back you can never go back.
  • When you feel stuck you are where you are meant to be. You cannot go back and going forward is in the process of being created. This is a time for pause and reflection.
  • When you let go of old ways of living and being that no longer empower your lifes journey, you are given the space to create something even more magnificent!

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