“I let go of the beliefs about myself that hold me from my grand potential. I am moving into a powerful loving space of truth and acceptance”
– Almora

Greetings dear friends,

We have now passed the Autumn Equinox or equal night and day, and are moving into that time of reflection and release.

It has been a busy few months for us settling into our ‘Old Lady’ a 1905 Villa, and what history she has seen! I was brought up in a very old Victorian house in Jersey and do love old buildings. Even if it was haunted!

We have loved hosting a few small Almora groups here too, and we hope to do more in the months to come. It is also wonderful being so much closer to you all.

There have been so many huge changes for everyone, with the world pandemic. It is also time more than ever before, to take care of your health and wellbeing and build your immunity before the winter. A time when people often get flu and colds.

A  good time to re-look at your diet, lifestyle and stress levels!  Visit this real website about food and medicine.

The pandemic also means permanent changes for the world as we have known it before, with overseas travel and tourism. So we are focusing closer to home, and with all the incredible sites we have here, some that are known and some that are opening up.

Time capsules of consciousness are revealing their secrets! Almora spoke about these time capsules in our 2008 ‘Portholes of light retreat’ in Kura Tawhiti Castle hill.

We were very blessed to spend time with the Kryon team last year in Mount Shasta, learning about the Lemurian teaching wheel, the Pleiadians, and Nulls and Nodes of the Gaia earth.

Kryon sums it up like this.

“Time capsules within Gaia are a set of twelve specific Nodes and Nulls.
These twelve-time capsules are found on sacred land, creating “push-pull” energy for the planet and a system of evolutionary change, if activated. The time capsules are sacred, mostly untouched, protected, and they represent the original Pleiadian Creation Template.”

These are not “capsules from the past.” They are “capsules for the future.”

‘Energy was set in these places so that if humanity should ever make it to a higher consciousness these places would release information for the individual Human Being as well as for the whole planet.

There is a sacred geometry within the selection of these pairs. It has not been seen yet, but it is there. Within the sacred geometry, the shapes, colours, sounds and numbers all reveal the divinity of God. The Pleiadians selected these points, long before any civilizations lived there. We should ponder the significance of what is happening in these areas today”

Aoraki Mount Cook is one of the 12!

Aoraki, (Mount Cook) New Zealand pairs with The Ural Mountains in Russia! and has been calling us for the last few years. The hotel was previously booked up a year in advance but now due to Covid we have made a group booking!

We are excited about our five-day fully inclusive conference / Retreat in Aoraki Mount Cook. We will incorporate Matariki and the Winter solstice. So, If you need a holiday (silly question who does not!) or/and an amazing life-changing adventure, come and join us!

This is going to be an extraordinary event! so if you thinking about it, please book soon to avoid disappointment as we have limited space, and we are already over half full.

For bookings, click here

Wishing you all a peaceful warm and healthy Autumn


The Almora team

Upcoming Events

Letting Go – ‘The Giveaway’ – Empowerment evening

Tuesday 13 April 2021 
As we move into the autumn and the trees begin to let go of their leaves.
So too, are we invited to release the things from the year that are no longer part of the next part of our journey. To also see how we can give back.
This can be old patterns and beliefs, tensions or stress. Other times, just a journey of ‘out growing’ parts of ourselves, and other areas of life that are no longer part of the pathway forward.
Or, looking through old clothes books or belongings and move them on. It can be a time of confusion and sadness. As well as a celebration and appreciation for all that we have shared so far. Yet it is a natural cycle and In letting go, we create a space for new opportunities and experiences for the year ahead.
Almora will bring a powerful vortex of energy to help us release anything, which is no longer part of the next cycle of our journey. We will perform a ceremony, that will bring peace and confidence for the path to unfold without obstacles.
This time of year gives us time to review our lives from our humanness, as well as from the expanded capacity of spirit.

Soul Food – is a monthly Channelled / healing, wisdom, guidance and support session, with the Almora team.
Created to support you navigating and integrating the new energies, that we are receiving every day on our planet now.

An opportunity to work with an expanded light being to expand and evolve our consciousness.
There are different themes each month, that is current to our process.

Venue: Via Zoom Almora’s Sanctuary, Christchurch New Zealand
Time: 7.30 – 9.00pm NZDT
Dates: Tuesdays every second, monthly –
13 April, 11 May, 08 June, 13 July, 10 August, 14 September, 12 October, 09 November, 14 December
Investment: One-off $44.00 (includes recording) Yearly 12 month subscription $28.00 per session. (Available anytime)

Payment via credit card on Paypal is also available.

Voyage Through The Vortex – Unlock the Matrix, Winter Solstice – Matariki 2021

Friday 18 June – Wednesday 23 June 2021
Over the last year many have been feeling ‘Upgraded’ our health, (mysterious illness, debilitating fatigue) our emotional centres (erratic and unpredictable) and our spirits (travelling far and wide night and day) creating brain fog, or making us feel spacey, affecting our focus and clarity.
Our freedom to travel has been restricted by the world pandemic, and we have had times, of being isolated from many things. There have been many endings (relationships, careers, living spaces).
Yet we have also been re-prioritising what we do for a living, who we share our time with, what we do with that precious time. What uplifts us, and gives us fulfilment? What inspires us to move forward? Where is it that we are all going in life?
Could it be that there has been Magick at work?
You are invited to retreat, to reflect, to recalibrate. Let Spirit and the Mountain work their Magick!
Called to the Magick Mountain of Aoraki, power energy site, and Star-gate between heaven and earth. Preparing the pathway, for the next step in the soul’s journey, for our new human’s alignment. Well- being, strength, clarity, motivation and empowerment.
Come and join us for an intensive, but also balancing, restorative and relaxing, five days in conference and retreat in Majestic Aoraki Mount Cook staying at the Hermitage Hotel.
Payment via credit card on Paypal is also available.