Almora Sun Summer 2018

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Greetings on the eve of the New Moon in Sagittarius. (which is my favourite sign even though I’m an Aquarius) Ihaia and I have Sagittarius rising sign which means our personalities in this placement. Your star sign is actually your Sun sign and where you aspire to Shine! Your rising sign or ascended is your personality and how you are seen.
Key words for new moon energies: Teacher, Traveller, Philosopher.. and I think it sums up this year beautifully, and us generally.
2018 We started with our epic jouney to Egypt, up at 2am a few days for private visits to the great pyramid and Sphinx, Karnack Temple, and Hatshepsut temple. What an incredible opportunity we were gifted. Many of us felt we had come home, and completed a huge cycle, not only as human beings, but as souls and Divine sparks of cosmic light.

Following this journey the ‘Becoming The New Human Being’ Quantum, energies started to be downloaded for me, (much of which I’m still very unconscious about)
I do notice now though, that this has created many changes for me in all areas of my life. Mind, Body and Spirit. I feel I have moved away from many aspects of my old known self, and many things in my life which reflected that. Although, I am still adjusting to what that means! How to think, speak and act differently, what was old pattering and what it truly means to be PRESENT. Responding to each situation as though it is brand new.

More trust, more love, more compassion. This is still in the throes of becoming… and I have found many people who have attended Almora’s ‘Becoming the Human workshops’ are finding the same. It’s been opening up, new possibilities and opportunities for us all. Thank you for everyone who attended three groups now. In Auckland and Christchurch and each ones been so different.
November saw us launch our new Sacred Site Tours business please see
This is exciting for me combining my 15 years of travel industry (Air, sea, land) and combined with Ihaia travel to over 76 countries. Tours with a difference we are so proud of our website and so grateful to Jeltje for the many hours and love she has put into it.

In this expanded and accelerated times, we have seen more manifestation of the Divine Feminine reclaiming her power of equality and balance. In the media, in our own lives and in mother Gaia earth.
Prior to the Roman invasions of England, and other parts of Europe the sacred Temples space, was seen over by the High Priest and Priestess. Each in divine harmony and balance. Sun and moon, and this was represented by the Items on the altar. Some of these rituals still remain in Catholicism especially, the lighting of candles and incense. The commune of wine and bread. Despite what we may have been told, these rituals exceed the timing of Christianity. (This is no disrespect to beloved Master Yeshua Joshua / Jesus / Lord Sananda)

Talking of Rituals I was reminded the other day, about one of my first physical teachers in this lifetime. Some 35 years ago, a Celtic Druid Rune Master ‘Senlac’
He was quite extraordinary, very ancient even though he was at the time still relatively young himself (25 then) I since found out that up until then. He had not had a physical life on earth, for over 2500 years! And even though he was turned three times came out feet first. On the anniversary of the 1066 Battle of Hastings, in the midst of one of the greatest storms Europe had seen for many decades. He taught me the art of the Runes and their power. Sitting at ancient standing stones walking throw wood land and perched on huge rocks on the edges of cliffs..Bringing to life the guardians of each symbol (not for the faint of heart) These energies for me felt very Masculine / Warrior like, even the female Goddesses. Holding the secrets of the Valkaries and Odin’s visions.

Part of the journey into ruin mastery involves carving your own runes from your birth wood, or being guided to certain stones. You must go on a vision quest to the woods or the cliffs and speak to the Gods (Runic birth wood is a little similar to Astrology but as Runes are from the Northern hemisphere traditions, Im not sure how that would work in NZ) Mine is Rowan and when I emigrated to NZ, I planted a Rowan tree by the ancient standing stones of Jersey in 1993. It is now really tall and blossoming!

I found some beautiful flints buried around an ancient burial mound, and the rune master upon seeing them, painted the symbols that resonated with each stone. I was initiated with the blooding of the runes from my finger, so they bonded with me. Certainly not an exercise I would like to repeat! As a young girl of 19 then it was very exciting, although painful. I remember camping over night with him and our ritual group at the stones.. perched on a cliff. waiting for The solstice sun rise to call in the Nordic Gods. I worked with them for some years until moving to New Zealand, and my Almora journey took me on another pathway. Yet I am truly grateful to Senlac for his teachings and the Runes for what they gifted me.

So with that in mind, I am offering an evening with Almora via Zoom called Gebo X (The gift) the X we put at the bottom of a letter is not what we think it is! We have been accustomed to knowing its meaning to be a kiss. Yet it is the runic symbol of Gebo X and it means (slight variations) the gift of sharing energy.
It will be our last event for 2018 come and join us where ever you are. Zoom means we can meet now from any country!

Update – Exciting news for our Lemurian Tour! Divine Pele erupted as we were well into planning stages, I dreamed about us all there last night. We have already filled more than half of the tour. There are only 5 spaces left, if you are called please contact us soon to avoid disappointment very limited places.
We are supported by two incredible female Kahuna’s and will be on ancestral land, working with many ancients Lemurian ceremonies and teachings. This is for woman only Priestess tour.
Please see our new website

Looking forward to serving you all into 2019 and thank you for your love, support and Trust. Te He Mauri Ora ( We share the breath of life)
Heartfelt gratitude and Love Arohanui
Almora Dellaina Ihaia