Puzzle-of-timeIt is a pleasure indeed, to connect with your hearts with messages of importance to your soul and your life at this time.

Many of you came here at various times and waves of consciousness (Birth dates) to heal, to serve, to awaken, to activate, to lead and to guide, and are now at a point of completion and new discoveries, new landscapes and new choices. New opportunities now await you. You have assisted, and been assisted by those soul and karmic families with whom agreements were made, aeons of times passed. There is now a monumental completion – contracts complete, a choice of shaking hands, embracing hearts in love, saying good bye in gratitude, in freedom, in Oneness.
Some people will move out of your life, some will move out of this life to another plane.
There work here complete.
You are all Masters, with areas of apprenticeship and areas of mastery. As you grow and expand you move to another level of consciousness. The gift of a Master is to see and act from the heart, always through ‘Truth, Peace, Love and Joy’ despite the circumstances you are facing. For some of you this has not been experienced through ‘Truth’ and the time is now here to be discerning, to be aware, and to see with your heart, ‘Peace’ through ’Love and Compassion’ in acceptance for where you or others are on their journey – yet know your boundaries. Sadness has prevailed for many of you during this process – also shock, loss, grief, bewilderment or separation.
You have been asked to make a choice – to stand in Light, Truth, Peace, Love and Joy, or to be lost in darkness (experienced as dishonesty, denial, fear,resentment, anger, avoidance) There is no longer a grey area or a fence to confuse you. There are clearly only two choices. Do not be discouraged by others beloved ones, you can and are doing it with each choice, each word, each action. By being ‘Truth ‘from Heart, you’re vibrating and acting in Love, and this means Loving all of yourself wholly; you are all gathering and growing. Then the new groups of people are coming to you, connecting through empowerment, Truth and Balance.
New contracts are to be made bringing Freedom, Clarity and Joy, and taking you to unexplored territories. We mean TOTALLY NEW Territories. Let us explain…Humanity has been in a cycle and moving slowly until about the last 28 years (around the harmonic convergence).

Now dear hearts! It’s like you’re travelling to a far away country for the very first time. The people do not speak your language, nor eat your food, or share your cultural ethic. Yet something brings you together and there is so much to share and create with different minds and awareness; excited, inspired – not suspicious or mistrusting….United in Love.
Visualize yourself as an Olympic runner with the burning flame torch of Light. You run with purpose, with meaning, and with love to a point, and then you pass on the flame at the next point to the next runner. You/ they are not the same runners each time; it’s not the same race, it’s not the same place and even if it were, the time and environment changes every second – the power of each moment is unique. Yet they have had reason and purpose guiding them forward, and they have contributed much. Yet consider this…You are no longer that runner, the race is complete. There is a new…space…and we don’t even have the words in your language to describe it now. It is not a race and it’s not a game, nor was it ever meant to be.
We have watched, unable to intervene, yet now is the time – Here is divine intervention…But not from your previous understanding of this, as it’s not coming from the heavens or from anything outside of you. This moment is here, ‘Ambassadors of Love,’ in your beautiful Hearts.
We SEE YOU, and now together we co-create a brand new journey, life, reality on Earth.
We wish to invite you now to come with us.
You are ready? Hear our call …No longer hiding in the shadows – Stand fully present in the Light.
This gathering time, date and reality is divinely orchestrated to serve you and to serve your planet.
We are gathering and we are many! Will you join us?
Well then, let us get to work; there is so much to be done!


In Truth, Peace, Love and Joy from our Hearts to yours,
Almora, Sphinx and the ‘Bringers of Light’, ever expanding at your service.
• Almora = AL (all) MOR (love) RA (Sun God and All-giving life force of the Sun)