Almora is available for one-on-one consultations. Appointment duration is about 70 minutes.
Almora empowers people to harness their potential, greatness and wholeness through the classroom of life by coaching their spiritual growth.

You will receive a recorded copy of your session.


Dellaina one on one 60 minutes.
My training includes astrology, past-life therapy, divination, Seichem healing and shamanism. My focus now is being the co-facilitator for Almora and our sacred work into which I integrate all of my acquired skills


Ihaia one on one 60 minutes.
I am trained in Tikanga (cultural/spiritual) counseling. I also like to integrate sacred sound with both my voice and indigenous instruments in my healing work. I believe sound and its vibrations transcends time and space, penetrating deep into our cellular memories bringing balance and well-being in one’s life.

Personal Session Testimonials

Sally Brake - Storyteller

Prior to working with Almora, I spent many years working on my healing journey and I had studied several different traditions. With Almora’s patience and love, I have gone deeper than ever before. He gently supported me through a challenging spiritual awakening and helped me heal cosmic, universal and past life traumas.
Dellaina is a gifted and sensitive healer. She personalized her approach in working with me and wove in a beautiful sense of humour. Working with Dellaina and Almora would be the best investment you could ever make in yourself. Namaste.

Marg Warwick – Health Worker

I feel privileged to have been welcomed on to this path of Self realisation. Almora has become a living presence in my life – it feels like we have become a team. Almora guides and provides the curriculum along with the learning journeys to work with and I practise, then together we watch the transformation which benefits all of life. My life has certainly changed for the better thanks to the Almora Team.

Gail Taylor Artist, poet and healer

I have known Dellaina for many years, having spent precious time in her company at her events and her wonderful Sacred Journeys. I am also a grateful receiver of her channelling gifts with Ascended Master Almora. I know Dellaina to be an absolutely authentic Soul who shares to the maximum, her potential at all times. Her deeply caring and intuitive self never fails to pick up the phone and ‘check in’, should that calling arise. One never leaves untouched on some level, knowing this lovely lady of Light.
I remain eternally grateful for our Soul connection.

Karin Lehman project Manager

“They say, ‘the the student is ready, the teacher will come’… Dellaina and Almora have been my proof for this saying. On this journey that we are all on as individuals we have to be open to recognise the teachers when they present themselves. I can’t express the difference Almora has made to my life over these past 3 years, with loving guidance and support, a little kick when I needed it and the space I needed to come to into my own power and strength. As with any good teacher, he puts the responsibility of learning and developing on you, but he is always there to help you reach insights and move you forward when you are ready. He helped me become who I am today, and I hope will help me become who I will be tomorrow. Dellaina, thank you for giving so much of yourself to enable us to have access to such wise teaching”

Jan Health practitioner

What is it that makes a true teacher:
My true teacher not only listens, but really hears, feels into what it is I saying, then gently guides me to find my own answers.
My true teacher never judges me, as a true teacher knows that from the broader perspective we never get it wrong.
My true teacher sits with me and by loving me unconditionally allows my heart to open, and my soul to sore.
My true teacher is always felt, as the energy sits within my heart and whenever I need support I only have to go into my heart to find this energy, thus I find myself as well.
I sit with my teacher and we become one and through my teachers all knowing, loving guidance, I allow myself to become all knowing as well.

My true teacher is pure love, this teacher for me is Almora and it is my honour to bask in the sunlight of the energy of Almora and be guided by the loving wisdom that flows freely between us.
With Almora’s guidance I am seeing life clearer than I ever have before in this lifetime and I am seeing more and more of myself and who I am.
The energy of Almora is that of a teacher of teachers, a channel of channels.

I have the greatest love and respect for Almora and am proud to call myself his student.

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