Autumn Newsletter 2019

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As I grow and change so does my life around me.
At times I feel sadness for what I am leaving behind.
Yet I fully trust that there is much more to be loved and experienced – Almora.

Dear Friends,
Welcome to our Autumn newsletter.

I feel I have been literally running for this last few months, there have been so many things happening. Sadly our beautiful Hathor was killed outside our house by a car in February. I know he was called back to do other things, but the grief has been immense.

Then March we had the tragic incident at the mosques, and it was so incredible that I was driving along the avenue past one of these Mosques at 1.32. Something told me to register the time.

As all set of lights (approx 6) were green, this has never happened, in all the weeks and years I have driven through here. So a river of energy pulled me through and out. I have never experienced this before. Like many people, I felt deep sadness and a sense of powerlessness for a few days.

The energy is Christchurch was so heavy, it reminded me of when princess Diana died, everyone was walking around stunned.

Then I was clearly told to shine my light brighter, and surrender into service and love.
So reluctantly we recorded our first Facebook live, (technology is not my forte!) which you can see on our Fbook page. Where the Almora team offers us a healing prayer. I have had many beautiful messages of gratitude, for how this has soothed and inspired many.

This shows me that when we give unconditionally, even when we don’t feel we have anything to give. We receive so much more.
These messages inspired and soothed us in return. Thank you all for sharing this jouney with us I feel so humbled at times.

It’s hard to believe that the shy young travel agent, from a small island that is only 45 square miles, landed here in 1994. Has now been in the midst of earthquakes, fires, floods and mass shootings. Worked as Coordinator for the Rainbow Warrior for Greenpeace, has set up two healing centeres with various health practitioners, and is a channel for such an incredible loving and wise Master!

Sometimes I feel it’s all so surreal, and ask: Why me?
The answer: Why not you?

This moment is mine to create, to appreciate and to live in love and fullness. 
I embrace this moment and all that I am right now – Almora

In February Almora started his Mastery course.

Wow is all I can say! Some times I am amazed when I listen, and then feel the power of the energy that is coming through.
We all have our areas of apprenticeship, Almora calls it, rather than challenges/struggles/weakness (as this word is so much more empowering).

The use of sacred language I have realised is so very powerful, and is part of the gift Almora offers us.
Over 10 weeks and as we all navigated through our personal apprenticeship, we all came to our own amazing realizations.

All of the 14 participants, received huge tangible results from their participation and engagement. (Ourselves included we are on the move! Watch this space more on this later ) Either in their relationships, Finances, Work, health, life’s vocation, house moves, Spiritual connection and so many other things….

For all of us huge new opportunities have opened up, beyond what we could of ever imagined.

We are also offering a monthly soul food Almora channelling / teaching and mentoring evening. The theme changes each month.

This is done by zoom so you can tune in from anywhere in the world. We have two more before we go away in June please see dates below.

Soul Food Evenings

The wind is forever changing its course and calling me forward. I follow the voice of my heart and the direction that is taking me” – Almora

The world is changing at a very rapid rate all of the structures we have know and relied on are some collapsing all around us.
For many it is a time of great uncertainly and life can feel very overwhelming.

These evenings are a chance to look at how this is personally impacted on your life and how you can feel supported with these changes, so that they do not sweep you away. Each Month will be an inspired subject by Almora, looking into the current topics, and our human group consciousness, which is relevant to us all individually and collectively.

Feel supported with greater insight, tangible guidance and energy to support your journey. Feel clear and empowered with the winds of change. Connecting with like hearted soul family, and the love and light that is Almora.

Come and join us ! from anywhere in the world in the comfort of your own home via Zoom link up. There is no obligation to attend all as each session stands alone.

Fee $40.00 per session
Dates Thursday’s May 16 and June 6
Time 730- 9 pm
Via Zoom link up anywhere in the world from New Zealand
booking via email or call 03 329 3035

We are now preparing for our amazing Lemurian Medicine woman journey, coming up next month! After a few changes around, we now have 12 participants (there were 12 priestess of the Lemurian portal of Pele) and myself being lucky 13.

Never think 13 is unlucky, in fact if you get the chance pick it, especially if you are a woman!
According to my Celtic / Nordic ancestral lineage and teachings, 13 moons and signs of the Zodiac were in place before the roman calendar. The 13 symbol was a spider or an octopus 8 legged creature representing divine feminine silent power. It was feared and taken out of the new roman calendar, that was changed around.

Previously there were 28 days x 13 one odd day being Samhain (the festival of the dead when the veils between the worlds were thin). This is when we communicated with our loved deceased ones. This is modern day Halloween.

Although for some strange reason most New Zealanders celebrate it in October, when it is actually an Autumn festival.
Here in the southern hemisphere it is around the 30 April sometimes 1 May.
So we have all these odd dates now in the monthly calendar, and oncein a while  a blue full moon. Which is two full moons in one month, once a year and this is why!

We are so excited to be in the powerful presence of Goddess Pele. Last year when I started collaborating with Kahuna Kalei she erupted you may remember! This was an even bigger sign for me it was time to return to the ring of fire!

I haven’t been there in this life time, but I know along with Aotaroa, it is my spiritual home on this earth Plane.

I am collaborating with three powerful amazing Medicine woman / Kahuna’s and soul sisters on the big island. I have learned from them, that Lemuria had no Medicine men only Medicine women! (although this has changed) No disrespect to the men they had other skills and position which was equally as important.

So we are embarking on a deepening and more expansive journey together, as sisters, into the Divine sacred feminine energies. We are very excited to be joined by our sisters from England, Australia, and many parts of the North and South Island.

Because of this there will be no more Almora appointments or Soul Food events from 31 May to 15 July. I have a few slots left if you would like one before or after this date. Please contact us as soon as possible, as we have been exceptionally busy with appointments.
Looking forward to sharing this wonderful new energy with you all, embracing the Divine feminine and Masculine coming into balance!

Arohanui Dellaina, Ihaia, Taki and The Almora team