Dear Friends,

Our hearts go out to you all at this time of great change and uncertainty, and are here for you. Many of us have been feeling unsettled for a long time, and sensing something was coming. That we were being prepared for something, waiting, and now that time is here!

Nothing could prepare us for these sorts of huge drastic changes, no matter what we have known have been told.

There are many messages that have been coming for a long time, that the earth could not sustain how things were going. Gaia is living and breathing and is so powerful. As are our the animals, minerals and plants, they have the power to make us stop and they have. The forests have been on fire, the oceans have been polluted and now it’s time for a huge cleansing and purification.

So it is with that we reach out to you with our love, compassion and support.
It is a time to take excellent care of your health in all ways, re-look at your diet, and lifestyle.

How can you make sustain long term changes for the betterment of your family, community and our planet?
Let us turn this time into positive transformation, and do what we can to help mother earth, ourselves and the world. Even if you feel tired and overwhelmed, even if that is 1%, then that is still a significant contribution!

This is very personal as much as it is global.

What we are doing

Daily free FB live meditations and healing for the planet 11.11 am you can watch the replays if you miss them please see below.

Offering reduced prices on all our services for those who have been disadvantaged financially. Including healing, teachings and mentoring with the Almora team.  (Please enquire for more information)

Offering our 444 powerful activation and healing on Saturday 4 April for only $30.00 instead of $44.00

Focusing on gratitude for all we have and where we live and sending this out instead of negativity and fear.

What you can do

Look after your health. Eat good healthy organic food, juice, vitamins, fresh air and sunlight.
Ginger, beetroot, celery.kale, spinach, carrots all organic. (if not organic or homegrown please scrub clean before eating).  

Recycle and hold on to your technology, we don’t need a new phone every year.
Keep your phones and computers as long as you can, they are not recycled even if they say they are. so much ends up in third world countries in dumps and on beaches.

Check your own cupboards and the integrity of the products you buy, including Cadburys chocolates. (yes they do still use palm oil in the soft centres) Boycott anything that uses palm oil products. Please check the companies that are ethical in all your purchases.

Support a charity either with a donation or if not possible acts of kindness and donations of clothes or time. On line can work..

Call friends and loved one, be gentle, be kind, be patient.

Share your resources/ skills, with those less fortunate if you have excess to give.
Uplift, inspire, support and love each other.

What are your skills how can you use them?

We can do this, we will do this.
Tihei mauri ora we share the breath of life

Thank you for all who attended our amazing ‘Becoming the New Human part two’ weekend in this photo.
Aha! Now we see what many of these exercises and teachings, were preparing us for.