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I am ready to take the next step. Intention allows life to work with me. I am willing and ready to look at what life is asking of me.
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Your Power to Create Course

Teaching the principals of how you create your own reality and how to focus on what you want to create in your life.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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Correspondence Courses

Almora’s unique wisdom, the Power to Create (all 3 parts), Universal Laws and Spiritual Business courses all available in the comfort of your very own space!
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Universal Laws Course

Course length: 1 year.
Exploring, activating and engaging the fundamental secrets of LIFE’s mysteries and the Universal Laws.
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A Spirited Business Course

All of us have a special gift and life purpose, but not all of us know what that is.
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Your Power to Create – Part 1

Almora’s signature course teaching the principals of how you create your own reality and how to focus on what you want to create in your life. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn tangible skills to create your own reality from the idea to the result.

You will learn to work with the Universal Laws of Creation. You will gain insights into what has held you back in the past from manifesting the results you have wanted. From month-to-month Almora will guide your process, exposing the obstacles and guiding you to the solutions – freeing you for a deeper understanding of yourself and your soul’s growth while observing your own beautiful creation process.

  • What would you like to create for your life?
  • Is it time to start opening to new projects?
  • What has sabotaged you in the past?
  • How can this be transformed?

Join us on this amazing powerful journey, Your Power to Create – a shared journey through your personal creation process.

This five-session course includes evening teachings that outline four subjects, guided journeys and question and answers with Almora. Monthly handouts and projects to complete, with a manual to refer back to and a support partner for each session-to-session project.

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Your Power to Create – Part 2:
Entering the Hidden Doorways

Four-session course with Dellaina and Almora. This course is only open to those that have participated in Part 1.

On this next stage of Your Power to Create we look at your unique qualities and where you shine, deepening and expanding your creation process. Open to your past, present and multi-dimensional lives to enhance and ground your experience of life here and now.

  • What is my souls longing?
  • How do I translate that into my human experience?
  • How can my soul work in harmony with the psychology and limitations of the mind to cultivate more joy, spontaneity and fulfilment?

Your Power to Create Part 3:
Aligning the Mind, Body and Spirit

Greetings to you magnificent creators, we welcome you to the deepening and expansion of the creative process!

In the first lessons of Your Power to Create Part One, we looked at the journey through the elements. The lessons of Part Two explored the masculine, feminine and androgenic energies of the universe that you are all a part of. You have all grown and expanded, and gone much deeper since we embarked on that first journey together. What have you noticed about your life and how you experience it now?In Part Three, we begin to look at the four main energy bodies that are influencing, ebbing and flowing every day through you and how to create from your God-self. Now we start working towards true mastery of being of service firstly to yourself, to your community, to humanity and to the universe.

On this journey we begin to ask the question, what is my gift to life? When I am living, being and giving from this place, my senses are aligned I feel alive, I feel love, there is nothing more I need? Yet how do I stay open and present when I feel the pulling of the energy bodies moving in different directions? Or when the lower limited self is insecure and fearful and things begin to shut down as a result.

doorway to the Universe

These energy vibrations are extremely powerful and are now becoming much more intensely felt. So it is important for you all to learn how to see embrace, transform and harness conflict. It can move day-by-day, hour-by-hour, for this is a time of rapid change. On this first week’s journey, we invite you to deepen your awareness and to become clear in how to embrace what is presented to you by working with this in practical day-to-day ways of living.

For remember you are in a physical form and having a human experience! This week, we explore ways for you to stay deeply grounded and rooted in this earthly present, and how that provides the foundation to stay strong and empowered while you move through and integrate this collaboration of energies. It will be a unique experience for you all. Many of you have already begun this journey and are taking action steps to accommodate, embrace and live with the fluctuations of what this means for you. Others are struggling as you find the sand constantly moving under your feet! Yet now, it’s about to move to another level – the level of mastery and living from your God-self.

We welcome you, beloved ones on this new journey of your life in aligning the mind, body and spirit. We envelop you with a blanket of gentle love, support and compassion as you travel through this new phase of your creation journey.

Your Power To Create Correspondence Courses

Almora’s unique wisdom in the comfort of your very own space!
We are very happy to be offering all Almora’s amazing courses by correspondence.
Over the years these courses have empowered many people to start creating the life that truly fulfils and inspires them.

These courses are supported by:

  • manuals with homework and tasks to complete;
  • recordings with subject briefings and meditations by Almora;
  • Skype or telephone appointments; and
  • a weekly email check in to assist you with your progress.
correspondence course

Almora’s Mastering The Secrets of the Universal Laws – year course

Are you ready to embark on the next journey of life mastery, and learn and practice the secrets of universal laws with Almora and your powerful soul self?

Course outline – Teaching and participating on one Universal Law theme of each month, manual and inspirational exercises for the month.
Included: Manual, monthly recordings and regular email check ins and 1 hour Skype or call each month.

What are universal laws? How do they affect us?

We are about to explore, activate and engage the fundamental secrets of LIFE’s mysteries and the Universal Laws. Most of the words you will hear are not new; they have been talked about for thousands of years. All the great religious leaders and spiritual prophets have shared a similar message down through history.

What is unique about what we are going to do is that following each learning is a path-working exercise, (not to be confused with meditation as we are no longer observing, but participating with our energetic responses to what we align and respond to from our highest god selves) which, should you wish to implement, has the power to transform and uplift your life, and to release any ailment within your body, mind or spirit, catapulting you forward with your life’s work, gifts and magical experiences.

A tall order you may say? Over the last twenty years, thousands of people have done just that through the love and teachings of Almora, who seeks to empower all individuals, and enable them to find their Divine Teacher within, not without.

So, here lies before you an opportunity to witness the power of your own creation, through your own experience.
Love and blessings. Tehei Mauriora!
Dellaina and Ihaia

“Greetings beloved ones!
Welcome to the life mastery course and how better to master your life, then to realize and live in accordance to the Universal Laws.  My dear beloved ones, I am not just here for an interesting conversation. I am here to invite you to uplift your consciousness to enable your life to change and grow. Your soul is like the mighty river that wants to keep moving and expanding. To be held back, or stuck, is like a prison sentence for your soul. And so sometimes it needs to create a crisis in your life, to enable movement and to restore the balance and flow you need to move forward.

Dear ones, understand that although at times life may seem chaotic and unjust and the continual problems of the world are presented to you. Within the laws of the Universal Laws all is well and as it should be.
However, this is not to be interpreted as complacency, or waiting, or reacting to that which presents itself to you.
Life is not meant to be a struggle – it is to realise what is being called and activated as a priority, disguised at times as an obstacle, or a challenging project for which your attention is now focused upon.
How do you harness and work in accordance with these laws? This is going to be the journey on which we partake from now. Universal Laws produce miracles every second of every minute of every day. Creation is always a miracle.

Come with us on a journey to feel the power within you to create, expand and grow in this great adventure called LIFE here now! We are preparing to set sail, let’s travel the tropical breezes of life and smell the fragrances of love and sharing together. We welcome your participation and learnings together!
Love and blessings to your beautiful hearts”, Almora

universal laws course

I am more in tune with myself and my natural body rhythms and what that means.
I recognise obstacles, challenges better and being more aware of their energies and how to work with obstacles and staying heart cantered. Sending out love and compassion to situations I don’t like and it become and during the course it became more difficult not to live from the heart.. Beautiful sums up the energy of Almora
Anna Leonie, Glastonbury UK – Universal laws course

I loved the preparation; everything was always beautiful and aesthetically appealing.  I enjoyed the meditations the most and the synchronicity and similarity between my guidance and Almora. This made my life very meaningful and the course very applicable to my life.
Michelle, Christchurch – Health practitioner

This was a fabulous course. I really went on to deeper levels of myself that I didn’t really think was possible. I feel I have changed completely for the better. I feel I have a deep understanding of the universal law at a level that I have never awakened before. The skills I have learnt are skills for a lifetime. Very relevant and significant Excellent It was an incredible course. Love part 2 to come.
Anne Caldwell, nurse specialist Christchurch New Zealand

I believe the benefits of the course will continue to manifest over many years. I do find myself getting insights about specific laws throughout daily life and I also feel drawn to re-visit specific learnings.
The year long course has helped me integrate many of the learning’s that I have been working with in the past 10 years. Some areas were new but most laws were already familiar which gave me the opportunity to delve deeper into them.
Karin Lehman, Christchurch – Project Manager

“A Spirited Business” with Almora, Dellaina and Ihaia Hascha

Unlock your unlimited power, energy and life purpose!
All of us have a special gift and life purpose, but not all of us know what that is. Or how to turn the calling into a real life vocation.

This course has been created to support those looking for, or answering their calling in a tangible and measurable way. Or for those   wanting to take their gifts/ business to the next level. This is a very special opportunity and invitation to fly into life with passion, direction and clarity!

Join us for an inspirational, insightful, creative, and exciting learning experience. A life changing opportunity, in self-mastery and joyful discoveries! All welcome.

Course content includes structured teaching on finding, creating, directing, focusing and creating, your inspiration into reality. There will be a teaching, exercise, and time for questions.

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