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As I expand and become more open, so too does life present me with an expanded choice of wonderful possibilities.


Summer Solstice – A Celebration of your life, Completing 2019
– Ceremony and festivities.

Meditation, healing ceremony, Aligning, teaching session.

Date: Sunday, December 22nd
Venue: Christchurch TBA.
Time: 9.30 am – 12.30 pm

The Sun is where you shine. On this morning the longest day of the year, we take some time to acknowledge your unique Sun- light. Where you shine your contribution to the world this year. How often do you celebrate yourself, in a loving and healthy way? This year has been the year of truly completing, tying up loose ends and preparing for an even greater more expanded part of self, to come in 2020. Aligning more fully into our true essence, and life’s work. To further clear, heal and transform into more of who we really are.

It has been a year of release, healing, creation, a year of vision and endless possibilities. On this morning we reflect on what we have learned and experienced, how we have grown and what is moving out of our lives, preparing us for something new to enter.
For next year, we are moving into some Major cycle changes as there is a huge line-up of planets in 2020. A crucial year, for we are being called to restructure our lives, and the way we live on our mother Gaia planet. A time to nurture ourselves more and all who dwell on her. The more you can prepare for this, the more your life will flow.

Almora will bring a powerful vortex of healing and transformational energy. that will activate and support your own alignment and insight, with energy of integration and clarity. This will be an exciting, inspiring and uplifting morning. Almora will also facilitate an exercise to invoke and support this energy unique to you, inviting you to experience clarity and empowerment.
Come and join us on the sacred journey to consolidate and support the year that has been and prepare for the year to come.

Investment: $99.00 or early bird $75.00 by 01 December & includes materials and light refreshments.
Ph 03 329 3035  Email

And SO MUCH MORE … visit our Almoramysticaltours site for a comprehensive outline of the full itinerary.
14 days of Faeries, Legends and History – this is a Sacred tour not to be missed.
Limited to 12 spaces.Only 8 spaces left!
Come and join us. Please RSVP for catering purposes.

More information including intinerary and costs you’ll find here on the Almoramysticaltours site.
In a hurry? Preview here the itinerary and the flyer.

Ancient Journey of the Mystic

Unlock the Master within, transform your outer world

Free Launch Event
Thursday 28 November 2019
Time: 18:30-20:30
Venue : Travel 2 U, 47 Birmingham Drive, Middleton, Christchurch, New Zealand 8024

Please come and join us launch our new tour to UK Ireland July 2020, and bring a friend if they are interested..
We will have a short video presentation, with our travel experts to advise you on your travel needs. Followed by some light refreshments.
A chance to ask questions and learn more about this exciting journey and life changing experience, to the ancient land of Albion and Eire.
Sacred Sites pilgrimage to Britain and Ireland July 2020 with the Almora team

Tour Highlights:
A magical and mystical tour connecting you to the ancient Celtic energy, present in the spiritual realms of Ireland and the UK. Dance with the Elementals in Glastonbury. Explore the Arthurian legends and the Knights of the Round Table. Discover the incredible teachings of Mary Magdalene. Revere the energy in Merlin’s Cave and bathe in the magic in St Nectars Glen.
Travel to Camelot. Learn Earth Magic and develop the ability to read omens while staying in Land of the Faye – Ireland.

Shift Your Body Space – Reset, Realign, Restore, Recalibrate

Sunday 17 November
9.30 am – 12.30 pm
Venue : Piko Wholefoods upstairs, 229 Kilmore St, Christchurch Central, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand

What is your body telling you? Are you confused?
Gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, vegan, meat, what should I eat or not eat?
How do you feel about your body?
Have you been struggling to loose excess weight?
Have you been on many diets and are confused about what to eat?
Do you eat little and still feel heavy or unhappy with your body image?
What have you carried from lifetimes? What are the messages of your body?
There is so much more than food and mindset, or even emotions.

It is one thing understanding something intellectually and logically, and another thing to actually realise it. When you realise something there is a shift, then you are compelled to make changes, there is no question about it. That’s why we teach about emotion, as well at looking at spiritual trauma.
What are you holding on to ?
When you are tired it is the first sign something is out of balance. If you are continually tired, watch out, something’s coming, take action. If you have continually frazzled nerves be careful: something is about to happen.

Come and Join us delve into the magic and mystery of the human body and your unique relationship with life through it! This will be a very powerful teaching, some very gentle movement,
Something Almora has never done in this way before, and a beautiful group healing with Almora to complete.

Investment: $99.00, Early Bird $75.00 pay by 01 November.
Includes teachings, healing, energy reset transmission, all materials, manuals, and a delicious raw food morning tea.
Please bring a blanket, cushion and or a yoga mat.
This is for all ages and fitness levels, it will be restorative, gentle, inspiring, motivation and deeply healing.
Ph 03 329 3035  Email

Stem Cell Therapy and Ascension support

Free Event

Sunday 3 November
Time : 130 -3 pm
Venue : Cotswold Hotel, 88-96 Papanui Road, Christchurch

Many of us have been going through significant physical, emotional and mental challenges as our bodies adjust to the new levels of energy on the planet.
With the following symptoms: Headaches, chronic fatigue, lack of concentration and forgetfulness, brain fog, anxiety, panic attacks, hot sweats, insomnia, irritability, mood swings, aching bones, joints and muscles, weight gain and many others…

We all have Stem cells in our bodies but with age, stress and numerous other factors they decline and recovery is slower. These supplements stimulate our own stem cells, to go to where they need to go, to stimulate healing. Our bodies know what to do from here.

 So I ordered this natural supplement, and wanted to share it with you, as Almora had mentioned it during one of our Zoom meetings. The results for me were incredible! Within 24 hours I had mental focus, no hot sweats, restful sleep, more energy and my happy mood returned!

We have a free introductory afternoon for you to hear from the practitioners and their stories and more information. Either for yourself and family but also your clients.

Your Power To Create

Almora’s signature course originally created in 2009 and wow did everyone’s lives changes significantly!

Tuesdays:  7.30pm – 9pm

Dates: 17 September, 01, 15 & 29 October, 12 November.

Investment: $300.00 early bird paid in full by 10 September.
Or $100.00 deposit and four instalments of $75.00.

Please register your interest limited to 12 participants.
Ph 03 329 3035 Email

The Apprentice Becomes The Master

We all have areas of strengths (Mastery) and areas of challenge (Apprenticeship)

As one area heals, transforms and blossoms. Then another aspect presents itself. For the law of attraction is only one area.

Translated, this is experienced uniquely to us, in various areas of our lives, such as;
Our health and body, finances, relationships, work, home.
Relationship with the earth environment, our guides teachers and the Divine. The way we think, speak and are in the world is forever changed.
So, as another part of our soul’s development is presented to us, for us to evolve and grown into.

This has been named the shadow, or squares and challenges in Astrology, and it may not always be apparent to us, what is being asked.
The more we grow and expand, the more responsibility and power we are given. To hold for others and as custodians to our beautiful earth, and all who dwell on her.

This course has been designed for those who are actively working in service, for the benefit of all and not only one’s own life.

Which of you Apprentices is ready to blossom now and what support do you need to allow this to unfold gracefully, clearly and lovingly? For your self and others?

A four session fortnightly course, which consists of:

  • Almora teaching on four levels of your current area of budding apprentice
  • Path working activations (these are not meditations but powerful energy transmissions)
  • Personal Q and A with Almora, time permitting
  • Homework for your integration
  • Additional 8 weeks support with Almora 24/7 (through his personal messages in life daily experiences)
  • Recordings of each session (usually $15.00 each)

Physical Body (work, home, earth) Emotions (sexuality creativity) Mind (Human/ God Mind), Spiritual (Soul seeding) Galactic (Worlds expanding and interactions).
Limited to twelve participants, to allow for a personal interactive experience with Almora.

Dates: Tuesdays – March 5, 19 April 2, 16
Time: 7.30 – 9 pm
Investment: $295.00, early bird $245.00 by Thursday 28 February.
Paypal and weekly payment options available please enquire.
Ph 03 329 3035 Email

Conscious Co-Creation 2019 – Year of Change and Opportunity

I trust that within the right moment, what I have been asking for will come to me. There is great power in the flow of this moment – Almora

Do you love your work? Relationships? Home? Life? Are you abundance and fulfilled? Is there something you would love to do?  What is calling you?  Do you need some more clarity, energy or plan?

What does the year 2019 have in store for us personally, globally and universally?What is our spirit and personality self  guiding us towards? How can we create our perfect vocation or build on the one we have?
This is the year of Amplification and rewards. For all the healing, transformations and self responsibility we have taken so far.

* Renewed freedom, opportunities and choices.
* Raising our energies to our Mastery.
* To live and be our magnificence.
* Fulfilment and purpose

To raise ones energy doesn’t mean we are free of challenges, rather teaches us to strengthen our resolve, for heartfelt responses and resolution.
It is also the year to see any areas in our lives that keep us separate. The opportunities for transformation of past wounds of our ancestral or family karma, that we may have inherited and are unconscious about. Or have been unable to release.
On this evening, Almora will bring a vortex of inspiration, support, and encouragement in preparation for your life’s journey for the year ahead.

Thursday 17 January
Zoom Almora’s Sanctuary
Christchurch New Zealand time 730 – 930 pm
Investment $35.00
Ph 03 329 3035 Email

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