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Join us on one of our life-changing journeys.
Experience the ancient energies that exist, at some of the most important and Sacred sites on planet earth.
We, your tour leaders, are inspired to share our unique insights and wisdom. Ensuring your Spiritual travel experience is transformative and inspiring!

We take care of all the details, such as: useful pre-tour information; transfers upon arrival; careful designed itineraries that draw on our years of experience and local knowledge. So, leave your worries behind at home and travel in comfort with a small group of like-minded people, kindred spirits who become your life-long friends.

Travelling with us on one of our Sacred journeys to England, Egypt and Hawaii offers you, through visiting important Sacred sites and culturally rich places, a more meaningful and rewarding travel experience.

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Cancellation policy

Due to the unprecedented circumstances in the world at present, and with regard to our international tours.

Any tours that are cancelled due to Covid 19.

Will be refunded less any fees incurred by Almora unlimited.

Either directly or indirectly related to this tour.

This includes providers and suppliers, and all promotional materials relating to / and events, relating to these tours. 

Sincerely and with Love
– Dellaina Ihaia and Almora Tour team
Directors Almora Unlimited Mystical Tours

Journeys and Retreats Testimonials

Gillian Grundwell - Hawaii Linking The Lights of Lemuria Goddess retreat

I came looking for a connection to the Hawaiian Cosmology. I have been interested in for over 10 years – I certainly did connect and am pleased beyond expectations for all ceremonies and sacred interaction with Kahuna and Almora. I am at a stage in my life (59) where I so needed to find support to make a few decisions about my purpose and direction. My experience in Hawaii has certainly assisted me for my future direction.
Mauna Loa Solstice Ceremony. Dawn 4 directions cleansing ceremony, Pele’s Cave with Kahuna Eluhani, Kahuna Kalei’s ceremonies x2, The Body Glove boat tour, Lomi Lomi day plus Ho Opono pono learning. My time with my Kaitiala of the West – the Turtles was great also.
Thank you very much – I know how very hard you worked to bring this tour together

Anna Leonie orb photographer and artist

A huge transformation over these last few weeks with all the wonderful learning and growing and expanding I have experienced from everything we have done. I feel that I have leapt forward with the realisation of the necessity to be (even more) generous of spirit, forgiving and pure of heart to all. I feel I am a different person. I would like to think I can put my new knowledge and learning into practice thereby it becoming wisdom:- wisdom is knowledge experienced! Fingers Crossed!
Meeting the Kahuna’s – especially Kahuna Kalei and sitting in her garden – so beautiful and lovely. The wondrous meeting of Pele in her personal cave space, and being invited to visit the Lemurian Portal on the mountain of Mauna Loa. Unforgettable and life-changing experiences.
I feel like a Hermit crab that has outgrown its house and now needs a new one! A shiny new one for my new expanded self! And to remember to “Plod”!

Michelle Doody - Dental nurse

I have received openness, trust, growth Appreciation and the ability to receive
No doubt more will come up over the next few weeks/months but this is what I’m sitting with at the moment

Rebecca Adlam - Business manager

Another life-changing journey – it’s time for me to step into the teacher role and step up spiritually now. I feel I can now do this – as I have gained confidence stepping into my power and owning and activating my soul gifts and talents. I feel blessed as this journey has really been a gift to me.
Great food, very well organised.
Rainbow Falls, The boat cruise, Kahuna Kalei’s home under the miracle tree, the volcano ceremony was a highlight thank you.

Nicki Tasker – Spiritual therapist and HR Manager

I especially loved the Summer Solstice Lava ceremony, Lemurian portal. Swimming in the sea. Kahuna connections, and wisdom sharing and wow Pele’s Vagina cave!
The boat trip was wonderful – I loved every moment of it as I love being on the sea. Wonderful choices of food and very enjoyable thank you.

Sandra McAlpine – First light practitioner, Reiki Master, artist and wise woman

A phenomenal experience. I loved the mix of spiritual work and site seeing. I feel I have moved and shed a lot of baggage over the last 2 weeks. I am grateful for the opportunity. I love going to the “out of the way” centers with the interesting shops. Meeting the Kahuna’s and learning from their knowledge. Our driver also had a great knowledge of the surrounding area both spiritual and historical. Releasing and opening up more has been achieved. Thank you!

Tracy Grant-Ussher – Accounts manager

I loved the boat cruise, the nature walks, visiting beautiful places. Swimming with Turtles. Pele’s vagina cave. I truly enjoyed everything.

Ann Caldwell - Nurse specialist

The tour has truly been a blessing Dellaina. I have enjoyed and revelled in all aspects. You make your pilgrimages/odyssey’s truly memorable! Incredible healing to aspects of my life that were stopping love, joy, peace, and abundance in some areas. Pele’s cave and meeting the Kahuna’s. You are amazing Dellaina. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Michelle Doody – dental nurse Christchurch

The insights I have gained and experienced have been amazing. I loved the Pyramids and Valley of the Kings. Thank you !

Evelyn Heinz – Teacher and wise woman

I have gained a deeper and wider sense of who I am. I felt very welcomed –it was amazing, after the lights, the warmest and best tasting meal. I will always remember it! Thank you.
Toning in the Pyramid, welcome dinner, perfumery. Glad I arrived a few days early, I was ready to begin the tour! Loved every venue and every aspect. What an amazing experience, thank you.

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