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About The book Love and Oneness

After the devastating events of the earthquake in February 2011, I began a huge personal journey re- discovering my own ‘Love and Oneness’. I could never imagine what was about to unfold, my life has since changed in every way.

This book is a collaboration of 32 authors own inspirational, love and wisdom experiences, with the theme of love and oneness spanning many countries, cultures and diverse experiences.
It includes our inspiring story, which exceeds time and space encouraging us all to realise the power of our soul’s journey to love, and the limitless opportunities that await us if we trust and open to them. One book $29.95 plus post and packaging.
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For every five books receive one of Almora’s meditation Cds Valued at $19.95.

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Book - Adventures in Manifesting
Cards - Inspiration and affirmations

Almora’s Inspiration & Affirmation cards

Sit quietly and take three slow breaths… Hold a question in your mind, or just open for some inspiration for the day.
Shuffle the cards and choose one – you can use this as your mantra or inspiration for the day.

A set of Amora’s Inspiration & Affirmation cards is $24.95.

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Almora’s Meditation Cd’s

Professionally studio recorded with inspirational music.

Healing cd
Healing meditation for soothing the mind, body and spirit – For times of stress, struggle, illness or just relaxation. This Cd will uplift and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.

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Daily meditation cd
Daily meditation to create and appreciate your day – Two unique mediations to assist you to create, optimism, health, vitality and abundance on a daily basis. Use these as a part of your daily.
Routine to create, direct and maintain success, fulfilment and happiness along your life’s journey.

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Heartful Warrior cd
“These meditations have been created from spirit/Wairua and my life journey to encourage the Heartful Warrior to emerge and embrace the peace trails – they are still there”.
This CD includes two meditations Heartful Warrior emerging and the Heartful Vision Quest.

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