Spring News 2017

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Hello dear friends, lovely to connect with you all again.

We have a new family! Please see our Taki news.
She gave birth to three beautiful kittens on the Equinox on the tale end (excuse the pun!) of Lions gate. Please meet Peace, Hathor and Ra. We are looking for a home for Ra and Peace. Our home is now filled with beautiful kitten joy!

It has also been a busy few months preparing for Egypt.
We are fully launching into our forth coming pilgrimage to Egypt, which is now full.

I am so excited that we now have the news, that a new chamber has been found at the great pyramid!

Some years ago I was told by spirit, that there would be many more secrets revealed from Egypt when we were ready to know, as the Mystery schools were set up to safe guard their secrets.
For those only, who could manage their Sacred Power, s a great responsibility comes with this.
I can’t help feel how synchronized this is, to return after 30 years nearly to the day, where Almora had first appeared to me in a tomb! With such an amazing special group of people. Flying in from all over the world.
It will also be 2018 in numerology breaks down to 11 power numbers 11 and 22 are the only one’s that are not broken down to one digit as for the power.

So we are in for quite a journey!

About a month ago I started preparing for a workshop, guided only that it would happen in late November or early December. Content to be revealed later.
After the chambers discovery last week, we have been given some more of this, and much more to come on our upcoming workshop.
So if you are called please join us for ‘Pyramid Power Un locking the Sacred Chamber’
The first one will be held in Christchurch on Sunday 3 December
There will be others in different destinations later on next year.

I personally have been going through a huge clearing to prepare.
Physically having been very sick for much of September.
Also clearing and healing karmic relationships, moving on in many areas of my life.
Although there has been sadness for me with this, I can see this has been necessary for us all. I have tremendous gratitude for all who have been a part of my journey.
Even during times that I have felt pain and confusion in the process. I understand that we are all learning, changing and growing.
For me to endeavour to always be humble and grateful, and find Peace in this truth.
It is a natural part of our evolution as humans.

Hope to see you all soon and look forward to more loving and empowered connections.

Dellaina and Ihaia Taki, Peace, Hathor and Ra.

Upcoming Events

Pyramid Power – Unlocking the Sacred Chamber
Facilitated by Almora and Dellaina Hascha

Energy activations, Soul memory alignments, Healing, Awakenings, Inner path workings
As the great Pyramid reveals a hidden chamber, so too do we discover another aspect of ourselves and the Divine Mystery.
Another chamber of our heart opens for us to see clearly.our expanded self, and our unique purpose on planet earth here now! Our lineages from other stars and planets, for which we have come.

The time has come for the ancient sites to reveal their secrets.
To those who have eyes to see, and the heart to feel.
We are been prepared for something Miraculous!

Come and join us, discover the magic of what this means for you, your life, and your journey now.
For no matter what we know,there is always, always, more.

Date: Sunday 3 December
Time: 0930 – 1700 pm
Venue: The House Of Sound and Healing
851 Governors Bay Road
Christchurch, New Zealand

Email info@almora.co.nz
Ph 03 329 3035
website www.almora.co.nz

Investment: $160.00 includes Delicious vegetarian lunch, morning and afternoon tea and materials.

Home wanted

Can you help find us a loving home for Peace and Ra? (Pictured on the right)
Left is Hathor who is staying with us.

As much as we would love to keep them all.
Our beautiful kittens are nearly seven weeks old, and are looking for a loving home.
Must be wanted by the whole family please.
Peace was born first, and Taki purred as she gave birth, hence the name Peace.

Ra is full of light and is very loving as are they all. All are very wise and have come to serve
would suit someone in the healing world. These cats come with the purpose of healing and service.
Please contact us for more information.

Taki’s story

Taki started off as a stray abandoned kitten Ihaia noticed hanging around the work quarters begging for food. Straggly and starving, Taki means ‘Observe’ she is named after the lake near where she was found.
We rescued her from Murchison one wet spring day. It was a mission to catch her and a 10 hour journey round trip.

Yet Taki has brought much love and healing to our family. Originally Ihaia had thought Taki was a boy! HOW did that happen I wonder? So it was quick thinking when we found out she was pregnant!! Yet we don’t regret it for a minute.
At first she was very skittish now she is very loving and is a proud and wonderful mother.

Our animals need our help if you do not have space for pets can you support the charities or local unsung heroes who do?


Egypt Pilgrimage 2018 ‘Embodying The Sacred Path’

Now Full


Up Coming Workshop

Pyramid Power – Unlocking the Sacred Chamber
Facilitated by Almora and Dellaina Hascha

Energy activations, Soul memory alignments, Healing, Awakenings, Inner path workings.
Please see ‘Upcoming Events’ page.