Spring Newsletter 2018

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There is nothing I cannot do !
There is nothing I cannot have !
There is nothing I cannot be !… Almora

Dear Friends,

Well is been a very exciting time for us!
Spring has unleashed so many more creative ideas and opportunities, following on from the healing time of winter.

Working with the expanded energies of the Quantum field, has been incredible!
For me there was a progression of challenges integrating these energies, into the physical body, and I’m sure this will continue.
Yet, I have personally found that now I need so much less sleep, The food and amount I need is far less, and more varied. The inspiration and Creativity is on Fire!

Thank you for the beautiful souls that joined us for ‘Becoming The New Human Being – Warriors of light‘ Governors Bay recently, creating together an incredible bright vortex of energy, to draw from, and direct us all moving forward. The room was electric!

Its lovely to now to have an Auckland and Christchurch group come together, for our follow up Zoom course, Becoming Quantum, starting next week.
After years of prompting from dear friend to do live group work via the internet. We are doing it! I have shied away from this for years, but am ready now and its working well. Meaning we can come together from anywhere is the world, not only on a personal basis, but as a collective bright heart group energy.

For those in their 50’s and over you may remember the original Star Trek, TV series? When the crew had a watch device when they went to other planets, and they could transmit live to each other, with a mini screen? That was seen as far out in the 1970 and science fiction, and not real! It was actually the creator being linked into the Quantum field, and not being afraid to step out on the TV show, to bedazzled audiences, look how far we have come!

Let’s see what magicK we can weave!

Becoming The New Human
Warriors of Light Group Governors Bay Christchurch September 2018

We have been invited to do this wonderful course again at the Beautiful home of Sandra and Jonny. ‘The Sanctuary In Fern side’.
Please don’t miss this wonderful opportunity. Early bird fare expires on 2 November.
Please contact us for more info.

Now next exciting news !
We are very proud and excited to say we are launching our new Tours business and website on 8 November.
Almora Mystical Tours!

We will be in touch with the new website address for you to browse as it’s not quite finished, but will be soon. I’m so very inspired by all the love and creativity that has gone into it, and we hope you are too. We have been doing tours already, but the aim is to do many more around the world and locally.
For those who don’t know, in my former life pre Almora I worked in all areas of travel in Europe and New Zealand (Sea, Air, etc). So I bring this all together.

When I looked in the drop box over the last ten years, I was amazed at how many events we have done in the last 10 years.
Over 150 course, workshops and retreats around the world!

Our next Tour is a woman’s Priestess tour to the big Island of Hawaii ‘Linking The Light Of Lemuria‘.
I met a beautiful Kahuna a few years ago at a Gaia earth conference, and so she will be facilitating three days of ceremony and wisdom with us. As well as another amazing Kahuna original Lomi Lomi teacher on the ancestry land, will join us.
Also sessions with Almora and myself of course.

May today bring much love inspiration and joy to you all!

Arohanui Dellaina, Ihaia and Almora

I am a crystal clear sphere of light and I can see clearly the way forward – Almora.

Linking The Lights Of Lemuria Priestess Summer Solstice. Pilgrimage to Hawai’i big Island.
June 2019 Limited Spaces