Winter/Spring Newsletter 2019

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I am noticing synchronicity and messages all around me.
They show me what I am ready to step into.
I no longer question but act on what is being shown to me – Almora

Dear Friends,

It has been a long time since we sent out a newsletter and so we are well overdue for an update!

We have had an amazing life changing experience in Lemuria and had the privilege of working with three amazing female Kahuna’s who gifted us with so much.

Thank you also to the incredible women who joined us and shared these experiences with us, it was like many life times in one.
We straddled the worlds and expanded the quantum field around us, connected deeply with Gaia and our Pleiadean Mothers of Light.

One of my most profound moments was when we went deep into the lava cave underground to the Yoni (sacred vagina cave) site. Here many ancient Lemurian’s gathered to work on the divine mother mysteries and to share those experiences of fertility, birth, death and everything in-between involving being a woman.

The Kahuna went into an altered state of consciousness and channelled Pele. It was amazing how her face changed before us and at one point she was totally invisible.

We went to waterfalls, swam with turtles, laughed, cried and it was a deeply honouring experience for all concerned.

Amazingly enough the Moana Loa campaign just started to gather momentum as we were there. We put our love and prayers to the amazing, gentle, forgiving and loving people of Hawaii.

Then off to Mount Shasta to the Kryon Lemurian Teaching Wheel Conference – very timely and synchronistic to our path currently.
Ihaia talked about the ancients and ancestors of the Pleiades, Matariki stars and our Star Mothers. He sang a beautiful creation song, to the hundreds of souls gathered in the Maori language, not a sound in the room. Him and his people as were all indigenous people were deeply honoured.

I came back so inspired, but a few weeks later, I went through a huge recalibration process to integrate all of the energies, resulting with weeks off work.
This is still ongoing, and some of you may find you have strange symptoms and are unable to find the cause medically.
Headaches, chest pains, extreme fatigue.
This is part of the upgrade of the new energy, please let me know if we can help. Almora is in the process of giving me, a new healing formula to assist us with this.

I have had some time off taking Almora appointments, but I am now doing limited appointments.
So please let me know if you would like to go on the list.

Coming up…

Your Power To Create – Almora’s signature course originally created in 2009 and wow did everyone’s lives changes significantly!
Financially, in business and relationships not to mention a deepening connection with Source and earth energies.
This is still a very powerful creation formula! Come and join us anywhere in New Zealand via zoom.
Please see upcoming events on the website.

Monthly Soul Food – Almora evenings to support us navigating and integrating the energies that we are receiving everyday on our planet. Different themes each month that is current to our process.

Albion (UK) / IrelandThe Holy Grail, Dragons and Druids Tour July 2020
This is very exciting, we are in the process of creating.
Already only 8 spaces left please register your interest.
More information including costs and dates to follow shortly.

Becoming The New human Part two – coming soon!
We look forward to serving and supporting you recalibrating the new energies, into becoming the new human.

Arohanui Dellaina Ihaia, Taki and the Almora team.