Summer December 2017

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Season’s Greetings dear friends,

Another year has nearly come to an end, and even though we say time is flying. We now know that time literally does increase as our consciousness speeds up.
I have really noticed how self care is so paramount as we can easily get caught up in never having enough time to meditate, exercise, stop and eat meals slowly and consciously. This is been something I’m now investing more time in doing.

Almora talked much about wellness centers, imagine that! No more prisons or hospitals.
New one world unity, creating systems for the betterment of all not the few.
For this is what unity consciousness asks.
Not to blame, judge or accuse, but to find compassion for one and all, and find forgiveness for past hurts, so we can evolve into this place. We have the ability we have the wisdom, knowledge lived (Almora).

We are so excited about our upcoming Pilgrimage to Egypt, and from there many other exciting new events that 2018 will bring. As the great Pyramid reveals a hidden chamber, so too do we discover another aspect of ourselves and the Divine Mystery.
Another chamber of our heart opens for us to see clearly…our expanded self and our unique purpose on planet earth here now! Our lineages from other stars and planets, for which we have come.

The time has come for the ancient sites to reveal their secrets. For those who have eyes to see, and the heart to feel. We are been prepared for something Miraculous!
Thank you all for joining us for an inspiring day with Almora and the team and this preparing for our amazing pilgrimage in March and to Beauty tours in Cairo and all the work behind the scenes preparing for our amazing journey!

We have so enjoyed Taki our beautiful feline friend, who gave birth to three little stars on the spring Equinox Lions gate. Ra has gone to a beautiful family and settling in well with his four legged golden retriever friend. Peace will leave us to fly to Dunedin before the end of the year. Hathor will stay, and has some powerful messages to share an amazing story I will share next year….

Exciting News!

Many of you will know that since I have been offering healing sessions, (wow that is now over 24 years!) I have also used essential oils, tuning into what the person may need before they arrive. Do they need uplifting? Healing? Calming? Inspiring? Focusing? And then adding the oil into my burner.
I had been introduced to the Doterra oils while in Jersey about three years ago. I appreciated the organic, Fair trade ethics, and had been gifted, and also buying them sporadically ever since. Well, I am now an advocate for these oils, and will be sharing more soon about them.
You can now purchase them or any of the products from me.
Amazing not only can you diffuse (rather than burn), but to drink, cook, clean rub into the body. Also used for household, personal and healing properties. Please contact me for further information I will announce more soon.
It has certainly been an incredible year, and we really want to thank all of you for being a big part of it. For attending all of our amazing courses and workshops, participating, sharing your insights, and bringing your beautiful energies.
Also to the many people who have donated their time, love and energy to support Ihaia, myself and of course Almora. During the many events, and gatherings we have held this year.

Also to our overseas friends in the UK, Europe and of course especially my home Island of Jersey. You have no idea (or hopefully you may) the huge contribution you have made, not only to us, but too many people’s lives including our own. As we support each other, during these massive changes, and during the chaos around the world. Not just the practitioners, but to all of you.
More than ever, we are asked to create families of light in unity, despite at times adversity.

A time to Honour our individuality, but to find a huge quantum leap in dealing with conflict and diversion, and a new way forward when navigating change.
To you brave souls who live with this integrity, and are willing to navigate open hearted and honest dialog, and build a new way forward for our future as human beings.

From our hearts to yours.

We honour your courage and commitment.
Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you.

We will be taking a short break from Monday 25 December to Monday 8 January 2018. Then we will be back with more inspiration and exciting Events for 2018!

Wishing you and your friends and families, a safe, happy and Peaceful holiday season, Please take special care on the roads, for those travelling.

We so look forward to serving you in the year of Power 2018 2+1+8 = 11
Wow what potential dear friends!

Tihei Mauriora ( we share the breath of life)

As I grow and change, so does my life around me.
At times I feel sadness for what I am leaving behind.
Yet I fully trust that there is much More to BE ? BE – Almora

Dellaina is now a wellness advocate for Doterra oils, you can purchase from me the things you would buy everyday, for your home, health and inspiration.
You can even put them in food and drinks ! Please see my doterrra website.