Summer Newsletter 2019

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Hello friends,

It seems so much has happened since we last connected in this way. We hope you are all refreshed after your yuletide and seasonal celebrations.

We step into the year of 3 which is a powerful holy trinity of creation: Mother Father child. Sun , Moon earth.
One (initiates) Two (partners) Three (Gives birth).

What are you birthing in your life? What creative talents have been gestating inside of you, how are you faring on the journey? Do you have the support you need ?

We have created some new courses and events to support your journey over this year. Also our amazing Lemurian tour, for the Power of Pele the Goddess of Passion and Power is coming up, we have a few spaces left. Divine feminine energy has been growing stronger and stronger many wondrous changes are showing themselves in the world.

Enjoy our newsletter and we look forward to Co-creating with you over this powerful year of birth and manifestations.

Arohanui Dellaina, Ihaia Almora.
Taki and Hathor

New Year’s Eve 2018

Here we are on New year eve around the yurt at Stone Circle. Stone Circle is Interfaith, is an all-inclusive community based in Amberley that embraces all faiths, beliefs, traditions and the Interfaith (Interspiritual) vision of Unity, striving to live this inclusivity in loving and compassionate service to all.

We had a lovely time chanting,dancing, parting and mediating with the wonderful group of people Thank you so much for a wonderful evening.

“I let go of the beliefs about myself that hold me from my grand potential. I am moving into a powerful loving space of truth and acceptance”..-  Almora

You will hear it said time and again that this is a time of change. These changes are working through us in our personal lives as well as in the world at large. It is a time now that we are asked to review our lives, mind, body and spirit.

For me it has been a time to be focused on the physical body and over the past year I have noticed more and more the changes occurring within it, particularly the stress my physical body is under – both internally and externally.

Those of us on our journey of self and spiritual development can often be more inspired by the world of spirit, and the gifts from that realm. Rather than looking at the things before us on a day to day practical level. Sometimes we use it as a way of escaping and avoiding our physical, mental and emotional areas of struggle. I know I have done this often.

Again and again I have been reminded of the sacred precious body that we inhabit and often how we have neglected to see its value. The soul delights to have experiences through tangible and physical expression through the senses of touch, smell and emotional freedom that can be expressed through voice, dance, movement, through this beautiful precious human body.

In order for it to serve us at its best and for us to have optimum health and energy, we really need to look after it.

Not simply by feeding ourselves an organic, free-range and fresh diet, but also by including plenty of rest, exercise and appreciation for all of the marvels, it performs for us on a daily basis. Without these things we would not be able to function. The degree of energy that we have is very much reflected in our diet, exercise and the love that we have for our bodies. Our ability to let go of toxic thoughts and emotions that weigh us down, and the life style changes that we make to keep us in our natural state of balance. In exchange for our nurture, our bodies give us the gifts of movement, adventure and passion through the physical, tangible, experience.

Indigenous cultures understood the importance of working with the seasons; they understood that our physical forms are connected with everything. So therefore what is happening within the seasonal patterns is happening within us. The Native American Indians called the autumn festival, ‘The Giveaway’. It was a time for them, when they would give away items of clothing, ritualistic habits and behaviours, personal items of value, or food. The importance was to clear of the old, in order to create a space for the new. Sometimes this was symbolized in burying things in the ground, to give to the earth with appreciation, of what those things had given to them over that year. Sometimes it was the letting go of relationships, or the death of someone close to them.

Winter was a time of hibernation, retreat into the stillness to go within. The purpose was to create as space to germinate new seeds of ideas for the spring, ready to act upon by the summer. This letting go process can be far more difficult for most of us, as our lives have become far more complicated. Our homes are full of furniture, wardrobes full of clothes, ornaments, photographs; computers, televisions, CDs, telephones, stereos and the list go on. No wonder we feel so cluttered and over whelmed at times!

Then there is the never ending list of things to do. Do we really need all this? What can we let go of? Not only physically but then there is the work we do. Our day to day interactions with people, friends, relatives and the emotional struggles happening around us. How much struggle and stress do we add to the pile ourselves?

I have heard it said stress is pressure that we cannot handle. How much do we want to handle? So it is in this time of change, that I invite you to look at what is changing in your life? What is your area of struggle? and where do you need help? There is no shame; we all have our areas of mastership and apprenticeship as Almora says! By deciding what we need and then asking for help we are always answered. It is time to find a balance between work and play, action and rest, business and stillness, people and aloneness. The winter gives us the optionally to go within and rest, renew and re evaluate.
Where are you now? Shed the leaves, which are waiting to fall with gratitude for who and what they have meant to your life. I leave you with these affirmations from Almora that seem really appropriate for this time of year.

With love and appreciation Dellaina


Grief takes me deep into myself as it allows me to reflect on my life and those that have shared my journey. I give blessings for all of them and what they have shown me. I am now ready to move forward to my next destination.


I am willing to love myself enough to rest when my body is tired. Much is happening within me as my energy is processing and aligning itself. I am thus renewed with excitement, motivation and purpose.

Honouring the Life of Darlene Mineault (Graphic Designer and Creator for the logo and designs for Almora Unlimited 2004 – 2015)

We are saddened to say that Darlene Mineault, passed away last Thursday night, after a long journey with cancer. She was only 51. You may remember her from our early groups between 2004 -2011 she was at most things we did.

Darlene was also an instrumental part in setting up my Almora logo, Meditation’s Cd’s, Pamphlets, Calendars, Manuals, books and second Almora website.
Bringing up the standards of presentation with her creativity and fine sense of details. Especially between 2005- 2015.

I will always be grateful to her for her generosity, service, humour and integrity.
Also her amazing belly dancing, you may remember her at our wedding too? Here she is with her Isis wings at our Goddess retreat.
She will be sadly missed.