Happy New Year Dear Friends,

Welcome to 2020 and another decade.

We hope you are all rested and nourished from some quiet time or celebrations and festivities with
loved ones.

For us it has been a quiet time, peculating the new energies that have been transmitted to our
planet over these weeks and months.

I am very excited of the opportunities that are presenting themselves for us all, to embody this energy of leadership, love and compassion.

We welcome the vibration of 4 the last pillar of light, anchoring the last corner stone of the pyramid. The lighthouses left by our space brothers and sisters for the guardians and wisdom keepers of these
ancients lands. To remind us of the sacredness of whom we are, and why we have come to this
beautiful planet.

When the fourth corner is anchored (humanity awakens to truth, compassion and self responsibility)
then the activation begins!

A burst of earth energy travels at speed up the four corners of the pyramid. This then moves the light, directly up to the centre point of the pyramid, causing an enormous explosion of light in the universe. Opening us all to another universal gateway. The opportunity is then presented for us, to access further light consciousness of our star families, and Divine love. Thus expanding the cosmic heart of the creator, and taking us all on to the next dimensional space of expanded creation and healing for Gaia!

Wow so we have so much work to do all of us! We are offering some magical events to support and
connect with you our family of light, over this coming year.

We would again like to acknowledge Australia and hold her in our prayers.

Please see Almora’s message below he talks very much about our environment and our individual
responsibility to Gaia.

Looking forward to serving you again into 2020


Dellaina Ihaia Almora

Diary Dates 2020

Soul Food Zoom channelling, healing, guidance evenings with the Almora team.

Starts this Thursday January 16 then. Feb 13, March 12, April 9, May 7, June 4, July 2. (No August session as we are on our UK Tour) Sept 24, October 22, Nov 19, Dec 17.

Come and join us from anywhere in the world in the comfort of your own home via Zoom link up. There is no obligation to attend all as each session stands alone.

04 February – 17 March: Your Power to Create (Part two)

22 March: Becoming the new human (Part two – Star Child star families – Planets and purpose)

19 – 21 June: Rituals of the Ancients Retreat Castle Hill Matariki winter

15 – 28 July: Ancient Journey of the Mystic Uk Ireland Tour and UK events

Visit the Almora Mystical Tours website for more info on this tour. 

30 October – 01 November: Lemurian Labyrinth of Light Kaikoura retreat

For more information on events and courses in New Zealand please visit our Events page

For more information on retreats and tours please visit our Mystical Tours website.