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Expression. I am a messenger of truth and compassion. I express myself from universal truth, which guides me and others to respond to life’s messages.

Summer Newsletter December 2019

Dear Friends, Another amazing year has flown by and I am continually appreciative of all of the wonderful people that make up this incredible life we have. Thank you all of you for being a part of it. The pace is continually picking up and just as I think it can’t get...

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Winter/Spring Newsletter 2019

I am noticing synchronicity and messages all around me.They show me what I am ready to step into.I no longer question but act on what is being shown to me – AlmoraDear Friends, It has been a long time since we sent out a newsletter and so we are well overdue for an...

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Autumn Newsletter 2019

As I grow and change so does my life around me.At times I feel sadness for what I am leaving behind.Yet I fully trust that there is much more to be loved and experienced - Almora. Dear Friends,Welcome to our Autumn newsletter. I feel I have been literally running for...

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Summer Newsletter 2019

Hello friends, It seems so much has happened since we last connected in this way. We hope you are all refreshed after your yuletide and seasonal celebrations. We step into the year of 3 which is a powerful holy trinity of creation: Mother Father child. Sun , Moon...

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Archived Newsletters

Message from Almora

Greetings Beloved children of earth,

I greet you from beyond the star gates, and the Sun behind the Sun On this auspicious eve of your Solar eclipse, in the heart center of your universe.

We bring messages of love, inspiration and healing, as you read these words you activate within you a vibration of remembering, your essence of Love and Peace.

You are preparing for a quantum leap, for how you see, experience and create your life. Questioning your relationship with life, and all those that are a part of it.
Am I welcoming all of what I am experiencing/creating.

Everything is changing.

I and those such as I, from the Solar Sun of heart, love, light. illumination. Come to be with you, because you called us.

There are more great transmissions/activations of energy,love and power… You have all responded or reacted to this in various ways…as is the path to your unique evolution.

You were invited to ‘Step up and Step out’ of the limitations, conditions and fears. Some of which, have been with you for so long, are now a normal part of your life. They have become your truth, and therefor your life and reality.

You invited us into your life to harmonize the God and human mind into oneness. These transmission was received by most with a great sense of Liberation, Freedom and inspiration and knowing a truth.For others it was followed by doubt and fear.
What holds you back from being the great Master that you are?

It can be either a challenge, or an enlightening and liberating experience. You have free will always. to choose.
Nothing holds you back beloved, Nothing can take your power away, only YOU. Your soul is asking you to welcome everything that comes in to your life, as advancing your evolution to becoming more light.

The eclipse brings darkness over the light, Sun – Leo heart of the Universe.

What happens when there is no light dear ones? What do you do? where do you go to find it? Can you look within, and activate the pathway beyond?
Only a closed mind is certain about anything.

Any judgments you have about yourselves or others, is dividing you and causing separation.
This is the darkness (Eclipse) this is the Shadow.

Remember your truth is only in the moment. What you have accumulated over your life / times, can change through one realization. How you see yourself and others is filtered through you own unique consciousness.

This is for you beloveds. A time of inspired action, Conscious Intention of Love.

Affirmation from Almora:

Love is what created me and Love is what I am.
I release any thoughts or emotions that hold me from the truth. I am moving into a powerful place of Love. 

Loving you always
Almora and the council Federation of Light

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