Expression. I am a messenger of truth and compassion. I express myself from universal truth, which guides me and others to respond to life’s messages.

Spring Newsletter 2018

There is nothing I cannot do !There is nothing I cannot have !There is nothing I cannot be !... AlmoraDear Friends,Well is been a very exciting time for us!Spring has unleashed so many more creative ideas and opportunities, following on from the healing time of...

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Winter 2018 Newsletter

Dear Friends, Winter is a time for reflection, hibernation, healing, endings, completions and breathing in. We had an a amazing retreat for the winter solstice at Kura Tawhiti the night sky glimpsed flashes and deeper mysteries from our space family. Everyone had...

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Return from Egypt March Autumn-2018

Dear Friends, Well I hardly know where to start with all the news! I realize that I didn't manage to get the newsletter out before we left in February, so here is double the news. What an amazing time we had in Egypt and three weeks before Astra this beautiful lemon...

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Summer December 2017

Season’s Greetings dear friends, Another year has nearly come to an end, and even though we say time is flying. We now know that time literally does increase as our consciousness speeds up. I have really noticed how self care is so paramount as we can easily get...

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Spring News 2017

Hello dear friends, lovely to connect with you all again. We have a new family! Please see our Taki news. She gave birth to three beautiful kittens on the Equinox on the tale end (excuse the pun!) of Lions gate. Please meet Peace, Hathor and Ra. We are looking for a...

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Winter News New Zealand 2017

Greetings on the Eve of the Solar Eclipse! We have just returned from our two months journey to the UK and Jersey and by the looks of it, brought back the cleansing rain. There were many strange weather patterns on our journey being summer in the Northern hemisphere....

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Autumn Newsletter

Grief takes me deep into myself, as let's me reflect on my life. Those that have shared my journey and I theirs. I give blessings for all of them, for what they have shown and gifted me and I them. I am now ready to move forward to my next destination - Almora....

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Welcome to 2017

Happy new year dear friends What is that saying? 'You have to leave to truly, come home'. It is so wonderful to be back to the birdsong, and tranquility of beautiful Diamond Harbour. Having just returned from our epic month's journey, in the north Island. I was able...

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Bridges of Light

Welcome to our spring newsletter on the Star-gate of oneness on 11 11.
We have just returned from a wonderful trip to Auckland with our “Four Pillars of light’ (or the twin pillars of light as is also being refereed to) and Bridges of light workshops.

Very timely for this new energy that is emerging.

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Almora World Update Transmission – Four Pillars Of Light

It is a pleasure indeed, to connect with your hearts with messages of importance to your soul and your life at this time. Many of you came here at various times and waves of consciousness (Birth dates) to heal, to serve, to awaken, to activate, to lead and to guide,...

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Message from Almora, January 2020

Greetings beloved ones,

And so the time is now, a new age is upon you! The Aquarian age is truly here!

You are now becoming so much more conscious of your power to bring positive change to your world.
The power of your thoughts and intentions.
Your voices are being heard, your prayers are being heard. Yes, there is still a way to go.

Tyrants will no longer be tolerated, prejudice will no longer be tolerated.

You are asked to be conscious of what influences your decisions? love or fear? trust or doubt?

You may feel at times, like the energy of the ‘old you’ is but a past life memory, as you begin to learn to fit your new life, like new clothes. Your new body and relationship with life, who are you now?

This dismantling continues, for the parts of you that you are outgrowing, be it a relationship, career, home or what you feel may have defined who you are.

For you are growing and changing very fast now, and to be PRESENT and flexible, will be paramount in navigating these new energies..

It is also time to take conscious inspired action in supporting beloved Gaia, your mother who is hosting your evolution.
Your planet is going through an enormous re-birth and cleansing. The catastrophic effects of past ignorance or greed will become more apparent in the environmental changes you are facing.

It is time to take personal responsibility for your footprint on the planet.

Do you really need to buy new gadgets? Or can you work with what you have? Can you be more mindful of food, and the wrapping and plastics of what you are purchasing? And from where it comes and to what cost? Can you be a voice for the voiceless?
Are you willing to make changes in your own life, to support ethical and integral trade? What is the cost? What is the pay off for these foods and products?

Trees are going to be especially valuable and important, they are needed, dear friends.
Endeavour to balance some of the damage that has been done, by planting them if and when you can or support those who do…

Plant them on your land as many as you can, in your communities in your areas. For the earth has become more dry and barren.

Thus amongst other things, is increasing the fire hazards for which sadly you are now seeing the results. There was a carefully balanced ecosystem when you arrived here long ago.

It is now out of balance.

Further causing a wave of unusual and devastating weather patterns around the world.
Yes, there are cycles and yes your planet goes through them, but not to this degree.

You are now the guardians, water will also be an issue in the future.
Stand together when you see what is happening around you.
For clean fresh water.

Yet there is still so much you can do in your homes and communities.

You will also continue to be fed conflicting messages, through your media and other outlets. You are learning more and more to listen to your intuitive guidance. Align with your heart, that integrity and truth.
Quite simply if something is said to you from love and care, peace, unity, compassion, joy, inspiration, and hope then it is of the light of God.

If it is to divide, cause mistrust, negative judgement, criticism, suspicion or doubt. Then it is not.
It is time for the lightworkers to come together in unity, collaboration, support, connection, and build communities of light.

Put to the past grievances or hurts.

Learn to live from the heart, walk with the forgiveness and compassion with Christ within..and resurrect the golden light of Peace.
Choose forgiveness, and feel the freedom and joy this brings you and others.
For this is why you came here, to light the way!
It doesn’t mean you have to stay where you are, move away from conflict if you cannot resolve it peacefully.
Show the world how to do this, as your great masters have done before you.
You are the new masters the new teachers for others.

Here is a Mantra/affirmation to help you.

Although I do not always understand why I forgive those who have caused me pain, I forgive myself for my part in the experience.
I am now liberated from further suffering.
I am now free from any negative thoughts or emotion.
I stand tall with a loving and open heart.

I am peace, I m Love, I am truth, I am Sacred as are you – Almora

For if you cannot do this for yourselves and each other, how can you help and teach others?
Unity and peace is will hold you in good stead, in these challenging times, of deepest rebirth and spiritual revolution.

Despite your challenges, it is a joy to see the growing compassion in your world.
Instead of worry or doubt pray dear ones send your love and compassion to a difficult situation.
Bless those that are difficult do not engage or grow this energy, with thoughts or words.

Yet it is also the age of Miracles! And many Miracles await you, are you open to receive? Miracles begin with you!

Let the point of light take you!

Sending our illumination and love – from the emissaries of light, the great central sun.

We are forever in your service. Holding you in Infinite Divine love



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