Winter 2018 Newsletter

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Dear Friends,

Winter is a time for reflection, hibernation, healing, endings, completions and breathing in.
We had an a amazing retreat for the winter solstice at Kura Tawhiti the night sky glimpsed flashes and deeper mysteries from our space family. Everyone had incredible expansions and alignments, as well as laughter, joy and creativity. We entered the Portals by night and day, time stood still.

We have been in preparation for the outward breath, and new beginnings that come with the spring. There have been many changes for us since we returned from Egypt. Ihaia has flown to Singapore to join the biggest dredge in the world, that is coming to widen the harbour in Lyttleton. At first I was quite distressed about this. The effect it would have on the environment, marine life and mother earth. Yet sometimes being of service to spirit, can be quite different to what we imagine! If we surrender our will to the cause, and let spirit guide us, there is often a totally different picture that we have yet to see… Unfolding in Divine timing…

Sometimes we never know what we do and why, as we become more Quantum and work from many realms of consciousness.
Ihaia’s love of Gaia, the sea and all life in it, means he on this ship not only as a Seaman, but mostly as a guardian, to make sure that this work is carried out with the greatest care and integrity. His heartfelt love, songs and prayers, prepare the environment for what is to come. Remember Mother Gaia is more powerful than we can imagine! As recent events around the world continue to remind us.

I was strongly guided to follow a connection that I made, with the beautiful Kahuna Kalei’iliahi, from Lemuria (big island Hawaii) for a woman’s return Journey. inspired by The Goddess Pele of the Volcanoes.
‘Entering the ring of Fire’….We were busy planning the itinerary when the Volcano on the big island exploded ! and what a beautiful display of fire and lava we all did see from the footage. The ancients predicting the exploding of volcanoes around the Pacific ring of fire aeons ago. We have seen also this recently in Bali and sadly Lombok earthquakes. With loss of life, to which we humbly send our love and prayers.

This predication has huge consequences, and for those of us that are being called, prepared and awoken to the cause. There is still so much more to learn, discover and share. So we are very excited about this tour. Also the beginning of where Lomi Lomi ancient healing massage began. We will return to the ancestral land of the elders, who will open there home land sacred teachings to us. I am finalizing the itineraries and prices, but if you are interested please register your interest, we have a lot already and know it will be fully booked.
We also had a very inspiring workshop in Auckland ‘Becoming the New Human Being’ Entering the Quantum field with the Almora team. I have been encouraged to repeat this in Christchurch and so I will on 23 September. Again please register your interest.

It is such an amazing time for us here with so much new fresh energy and inspiration. We also acknowledge our beautiful friends and families, who have been going through loss and grief. I feel personally the grace of this, in my heart deep sadness at times for what is unfolding for many, and I know that for the grace of God how things can suddenly change.

In this moment of time we would like to give Gratitude for all we have received, from you beautiful souls. 

So I give deep gratitude to all of you for your love, encouragement and support for otherwise we could not do what we do. From that place I would like to thank Evelyn and Cathy for their wonderful nurturing and preparation of the food during our winter retreat. Eva Mason for making it, Robyn Speed our wonderful house mother.

Then we were off to Auckland, and heartfelt appreciation to Gail Taylor for her loving support for us to be in there. Her beautiful inspiring paintings that lit up the space we used. To Jason Friedlander for his wonderful sound work. Robyn Speed who stepped up and gave so much with grace, preparing sacred space.

Lastly but by no means ever least.
I am never forgetting that I am forever in awe of my beautiful friend Anne, who continues to unconditionally support us, and gives so much time, love, support and wisdom with love and Grace.
Almora for his unwavering patience, love light and wisdom that continues to uplifts and nurture us all.
We hope to see you soon ! Te He Mauriora! Arohanui Dellaina Ihaia Almora