Dear Friends,

How are you all faring ?
We greet you from our wonderful new sanctuary in Beckenham, and we have been loving our new spacious premises and quiet river walks.

Now that we have moved through the current crescendo of the Pandemic, we are moving into a new phase with our work and energy vibrations.

I have been finding that Almora sessions now can take a lot less, to do what they once did in a longer period of time.
I was astounded a few weeks weeks ago when a whole release and restoration of soul energy, was complete within 20 minutes!
This would have taken a few sessions at least years ago, and many more hours.
Almora stayed with the client for much longer, just because it was integral to do so, but it was not really necessary.
I did, however, have a huge shift myself to realise that the many hours we once needed is not now always necessary…

I do feel its worthy of a mention here though !

People are really ready, we are ready, Are YOU ready ?

This is so exciting! All this work we have been doing over the years, is finally seeing positive results for us all.

Yet there is always, always more!

Almora’s Sacred new healing room

Don’t miss Lions Gate event on 8 August with the Almora team.
This is set to be a very powerful event, especially after the events of the last few months.

Please see further information below.

We also have an upcoming retreat in Kaikoura.
Those of you that attended the last one in 2016, will remember the incredible energies that we accessed and shared. Then a few months later, a big earthquake to which despite the huge devastation, there was relatively few casualties.
We honour all life, and our heart goes to those who were deeply affected by this and still are.

Yet this in itself was a huge miracle ! Was there Magick here at work perchance?

View th beautiful Takahanga Marae Kaikoura inside and out:

We will not be going out on the ocean this time, but hope to see the Whales and dolphins, from the shore. This happened last time when we called them !
The Wales came relatively close, and the dolphins were so close you could of waded out to them. Yet we were in a secluded spot, and so had some private time with them.
We would love you to join us on the next one.

Meanwhile, as already announced previously, (and now we are through the worst of the pandemic in New Zealand currently)
Although we are still offering our Soul food evenings, they will now be every 2-4 weeks. (Depending on the climate and guidance we receive)
The next one will be on Tuesday 11 August, and fees will restore to $44.00 per session. We will continue to gift the recordings for this event at no charge.
Currently recordings are usually $15-00 – $10.00 for events

We have many wonderful exciting opportunities and events in the works, and will look forward to announcing them as they un-fold.

We are here to support you, so please let us know if we can assist in any way.

Important announcement – New Systems and Bookings on line

We are currently upgrading our systems and technology, we ask for you patience please during this time, as you may experience a delayed response.
In the future, we will ask for all appointments and event booking to be made on line, through our new website currently in the works.

We will let you know once this is in place.
Almora appointments are available with a current waiting time now of 2-3 weeks.

Looking forward to welcoming you to our new Sanctuary!

From our hearts to yours
Arohanui X

Dellaina, Almora, Ihaia, Taki and Ra

Upcoming Events

Star-gate New Human Re-calibration – Entering The Lions Gateway

Date: Saturday 8 August, 4 – 530 pm. Via Zoom link.

The Lions Gateway is marked by an alignment between the Earth, and the star Sirius. The star Sirius lines up directly with the pyramids of Giza, and on Earth Sirius comes closer to the Earth. Following on from our time of refection during the world pandemic, we are now fully ready (as ready as we will ever be) to enter the Portal of the Lions gate more clear and aligned.

Lemurian Labyrinth of Light Kaikoura retreat

Friday 30 October 2 pm – Sunday 01 November 2 pm

The area now known as Kaikoura once was the home to a beautiful Golden Lemurian temple, and smaller ones dotted around the coast line. These temples were points of light connecting the Oceans, the earth with the planetary portals of the Sirian star gate. Sirius is the brightest star in the earth’s night sky, which is gradually moving closer to the Solar System, so it will increase in brightness.